I Went to My First Basktball Game Last Night...

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I Went to My First Basktball Game Last Night...

Living in New York City for majority of my life, I had yet to experience it all: Broadway shows, riding a Staten Island Ferry, visiting Lady Liberty or even attending a Knicks game at the world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden; Well, last night, I finally accomplished one of the four. For my 21st birthday, my godmother (who happens to work as an accountant for the NBPA) treated me to some tickets to see the Magic/Knicks game last night. The seats were awesome, sitting in the 6th row made me feel like I was an executive watching the game. I got to see John Starks, Jeff Van Gundy, Otis Smith played low-key, Victor Cruz and Justin Tuck, Aziz Ansari had a fine snowflake on his side and of course, the players themselves. Anyway, here's what I noticed during the game:

-Dwight Howard has some skinny legs

-Steve Novak arguably has the best jumpshot from 3-point range. Dude's shot was on target the entire night.

-Mike Woodson has the world's shiniest head.

-Iman Shumpert is a special talent. His defense was impecable.

-Carmelo Anthony is a show-off. Everytime he made a bucket, he always had to make that annoying smirk of his. I personally cannot stand his arrogance.

-Games are not as fun without the commentary, especially that of JVG's

-But most importantly, the energy at the Garden was estatic. Caught goosebumps when they gave Patrick Ewing a standing ovation and eveytime the crowd got heavily into the game and cheered their Knickerbockers on. It was quite an ironic moment for me because I am not a Knicks fan. I was rooting for the Magic (who ended up getting blown out) and had on my Spurs Snapback hat. But regardless, I will never forget this experience and will cherish it for two lifetimes. I will most definitely go to the Garden next season when the Spurs make a visit.

Do you have a first game experience you would like to share?

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It's funny you talk so bad

It's funny you talk so bad about Melo's smirk and call it arrogance. That same smirk made a lot of America Melo fans when he was at Cuse. Back then it was seen as his love of the game but of course everyone is Anti-Melo these days.

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my first game experience in

my first game experience in usa was in february 2005 : with 2 friends we travelled from france to NY to spend 2 weeks....

we watched HEAT KNICKS in the maddison : shaq O'neal was huge so was mike sweetney.... we talked with keith askins and haslem before the beginning of the game (very kind men). D wade was impressive with his body fakes. Marbury was playing great. And paris hilton was bouuuuuued by the audience.

we went to east rutherford (yes NO FEAR :) ) to see SIXERS NETS : iverson and kidd were hurt (arrrggggg...) kenny thomas played great and carter scored 43 points without any effort !

.... and then SPURS NETS : another great perf by carter 43 points who was so easy. Bowen couldn't do nothing but try to hurt his ankles.... carter exploded and was expulsed when he tried to punch bowen !!!

Wade was the most impressive.... definitely.

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if you go back to '03 that

if you go back to '03 that "arrogant" smirk was basketball's best smile

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My first game was a

My first game was a Timberwolves-blazer game i think. My basketball league got everyone tickets and at halftime we got to play on the target center court. Of course since we were like 8 or 9 years old the final socre was like 2-0, but it was a fun time.

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My 1st basketball was a

My 1st basketball was a Memphis State game when i was 5 years old...That game drew me to become a fan of the sport..When i was little my dream was to become a nba player..I never got that far,but i played in junior college,after i graduated i started working as a videographer at a tv station in New Jersey..1 of my former jr. college team mates told me about a professional team being put together in our hometown of Greenville, Mississippi..We went to the tryouts and made it, the team was called the Greenville Bluesmen..Another team that was in that league was the Arkansas Rim Rockers (which is now in the D-League).We were paid only $800 a week,but being apart of something i love doing, made it worth my while...

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the first basketball game i

the first basketball game i ever went to was a knicks playoff game in 1999, i was 6 years old and i went with my dad. it was the game with larry johnsons 4 point play, have been a die hard knicks fan ever since

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My first ever NBA game was in

My first ever NBA game was in the 2001 Eastern Conference Semis. Toronto vs Philly. In my opinion one of the greatest playoff series of all time. But the game I went to was game 3 when Vince Carter decided to match Allen Iversons 50 point performance with one of his own. He hit 8 for 8 from downtown in the first half alone and the crowd was just insane. Loudest arena i've ever witnessed and honestly Vince Carter vs Allen Iverson in that series was pure classic. Both players in their prime, such an amazing game to experience and i've been an intense basketball fan ever since.

I was lucky to get tickets to the game, and sitting in the nose bleeds I still enjoyed the game. Carter put on a show.

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Jordan experience -- first game ever

I was 10 years old and the chicago bulls played and exhibition game vs NJ nets in Hamilton ON, an hour from Toronto. MR T was a the game and after the game, he came out from underground in a limo. The garage door didn't shut in time and a bunch of fans, including my dad and me, run underground into the parking lot and waited by the team buses. I got Chris Morris' autograph. Michael Jordan was the last one out. Wearing his headphones, he signed one autograph for some hot chick, got on the bus and left. Let me mention also, that the NJ bus didn't leave until MJ was on the Chicago bus even though all of their teams players had been on the bus for 10 minutes.

I was also at the game when the raptors beat the bulls in their inagural season. Steve Kerr hit 22 straight 3's during pregame

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Yeah,watching a game in

Yeah,watching a game in person for the 1st time after years it on TV,really is a Unique and Strange Feeling...You seem to be Missing out on Something...lol

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First game

It seems I may be just a little older than some . my first game was a chicago bulls game during michaels first retirement back in 1993. Nice game but the main thing I remember was at halftime a fan hit a full court shot for a million dollars. We had received free tickets from a season ticket owner that couldn't make it that night. one of the first father son moments I had with my dad. Now in minnesota and go to many games, but not as many as when kg was here.

thanks for putting this up makes me wanna take my dad to a game now

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