I think everyone knew if Lakers got Dwight they would reign supreme

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I think everyone knew if Lakers got Dwight they would reign supreme

Yeah we can drop the Lakers look good on paper crap. Every Major superstar has Had to comment on it. Why even commit? Its Obvious everyone is scared of the Lakers now. Blake Griifin, Heat Big 3, Thunder big 3, Melo, Even NBA coaches all calling Lakers paper champs. League is crapping bricks right now.

Remember Lakers are Old and Slow? and PAST their PRIME. What other excuses are we making. Lakers need time to gel? LMAO

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Lmao your so ignorant, scared

Lmao your so ignorant, scared of the lakers already??? Last time I checked he thunder were the reigning western conf champs and the heat are the defending nba champs. Yes they need time to gel as Nash needs the ball a ton like Kobe, and Howard still sees himself as a #1 option like Kobe. This team is on thin ice if they can't mesh as Howard and Kobe are both divas and will not keep their mouth shut

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“I really like our team this

“I really like our team this season,” said Roeser. “I don’t see any limit to what we can accomplish as a team. I think the additions with Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford and Grant Hill help us at all the positions. I think we come back with a great mix of veterans, young players, experience and savvy and a lot of depth at every position. I can’t wait to see us play.”

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Shaq is probably right.

Shaq is probably right. Howard needs to win, and a lot. Otherwise, the experiment will have failed. That’s just the way it goes with the Lakers. They expect championships.

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