I love Army Wives!!

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I love Army Wives!!

I love Army Wives. Have watched it since it started and have all the DVD that have came out. Hope new season starts soon. This DVD of [url=]army wives 1-5 dvd[/url] is very entertaining and enjoyable to me, and I have just ordered the fifth season.When I pre-ordered this DVD the price was listed as $24.99; however, when it was released several months later the price was reduced to $21.99--Amazon honored their promise of charging the lower price on a pre-ordered product.
I've loved this [url=]cold case 1-7 dvd box set[/url]for awhile now and usually watch it on the A&E Channel. Now some of the episodes are out on DVD. The majority of these cases were interesting. Some of my favorites are ''A Map to Murder'',The Zodiac Killer and The Green River Killer.
The actors in [url=]one tree hill dvd[/url] are phenomenal and continue to surprise me with qualities their characters show that you've never seen before. By watching the hard workers during their performance, nothing but talent shines through the screen.
[url=]Dexter Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set[/url] hasn't reached the Weeds of really great series' gone down hill, but this is the worst season so far. I liked the light/dark religious thing and the idea of him having some humanity.
[url=]Sons of Anarchy season DVD[/url]

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