I liked Charlotte's draft.

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I liked Charlotte's draft.

I don't know why so many people killed them for taking Zeller over Len and Noel. Zeller was considered a candidate to go number 1 earlier this year. Len and Noel aren't a "can't miss" so they went with who they thought would fit them better. I think he'll have a better career of the three by far.

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I can't blame them for

I can't blame them for passing on Noel or Len, but Ben McLemore was still on the board.

I'm a believer in Zeller though. I really like the pick.

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I agree, I think he's been

I agree, I think he's been underrated by many that were influenced by two bad games (against 'Cuse and Minnesota) that started the whole "can't finish against lenght" thing, even though he had great games against long players like Anthony Davis, Payne, McGary, and even though 'Cuse plays a defense he won't ever find in the Nba.

But for Charlotte McLemore was clearly better and I'm not really high on him.

I also agree that Noel wouldn't have been better than Zeller.

As of Len, I don't see him being really that great and I prefer Zeller as a prospect, but since last year Bobcats were not happy with Mullens playing too much outside of the paint and being a bad rebounder, one would expect them liking Len more than Zeller, who's not a great rebounder.

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I think Zeller fits very well

I think Zeller fits very well with Biyombo - a good offensive-defensive combo.

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Zeller has upside, but his

Zeller has upside, but his floor is also higher than most guys. Good, solid pick for the Charlotte franchise, even if Zeller doesn't end up being the 4th best player out of this draft (although he might).

They have their inside guys now in Zeller and Biyombo. Next year will be about getting Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

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I think

this was a good pick. This year's draft was something misteryous for some teams that last season were on a flux. We see the 76ers trading their all-star guard for an unproved rookie who is injured. Some teams I believe drafted a good player but with a low ceiling, to avoid falling in next year's draft, which everybody believe could be the greatest draft since 03. I agree that the tandem Biyombo - Zeller will be interesting to see.

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The Bobcats needed a big who

The Bobcats needed a big who could play big time. Zeller gives Walker a good target on the pick-and-roll, and gives the Bobcats a big man who can score. And considering the Bobcats lack of a strong veteran presence, getting a player who is ready to contribute as a rookie is great.

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The only thing I didn't like

The only thing I didn't like about it was taking him over Len. I think Len has similar upside offensively, but better upside defensively.
Otherwise, that's where I had Zeller pegged going. I think he'll surprise with his offensive versatility which he wasn't able to display that much for Indiana. One thing that Zeller has over Len though is that it allows them to become more of an uptempo team since he changes ends so well for a big.

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Agree completely siggy

They will need to run like crazy now bc that is zellers strong suit and that would also help mkg a ton bc he is so limited in the front court. And I agree about Len as well. Zeller is a real solid player but he does not change the game defensively. He was recorded with only a 6'9" wingspan which worries me quite a bit. With that little length can he really be a center? If the dude had a 7'2" wingspan or something I think he would be the best player in this draft. Good thing they got biyombo with his freakish length

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Shabazz Muhammad was also a

Shabazz Muhammad was also a candidate to go # 1 earlier this year but it doesn't mean he was the right pick at 4. I don't hate Zellers game but I just like other guys potential a lot more....Ben McLemore for example....he would fit like a glove next to the ultra aggressive Kemba Walker.

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I don't think the Bobcats

I don't think the Bobcats have a high ceiling with their roster as of now, of course, but man that team will work hard with Walker, MKG, and Zeller now in the fold.

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I thought McClemore was going

I thought McClemore was going to Charlotte for sure but for whatever reason I wasn't as surprised as most the they picked Zeller

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Nice Pick

I agree with you that he's a better pick than taking Noel or Len, but the problem is I think Mclemore could have been a much better fit.
Mclemore alongside Kidd-Gilchrist, that could have been great. Their games compliment each other real well, and MKG would have taken Mclemore to his limit with them going at each other every day at practice, which was one of his downsides.I think MJ, the best SG ever, also would have pushed him to reach his limits

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