Hypothetical Sixers/Celtics Trade

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Hypothetical Sixers/Celtics Trade

With the Sixers trading core piece Michael Carter-Williams for the Lakers draft pick (likely a 2016 pick in the #7-10 range), would Philly consider moving Nerlens Noel to Boston for their draft pick this year (likely in the similar #7-10 range as the Laker pick). It seems like everything Philly has done was made with the efforts of pushing their clock back, trading MCW, drafting an injured Noel and Embiid with expectations they would miss a year, drafting Saric knowing he would stay in Europe for at least one season. The Celtics two primary needs are a go-to scorer and a paint protector/ shot blocker, Noel having the abilities to fulfill that 2nd need. The Sixers would be dealing from a position of depth with Embiid and Saric projected to be available along the front line next year and with the Celtics pick they could target a wing such as Stanley Johnson, Justise Winslow or Kelly Oubre to pair with their own 1st rounder (potentially Mudiay or D'Angelo Russell to replace MCW). Is this a realistic deal or does one side benefit too heavily?

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As a Celtic fan I would love

As a Celtic fan I would love for that to happen depending on who was still on the board, but I don't think you'll ever see a player like Noel in Celtic Green as long as Brad Stevens in the coach. He preaches offense, and wants everyone on the court to have the ability to shoot the ball. Noel doesn't fit that bill at all, even if he does fit out biggest need. If all they needed was a shot blocker, believe me, we would have done that McGee deal as well.

I personally would love to do that trade. I think Noel is a deffensive PF, and would be a nice fit next to Olynyk or Sully. Celtics would also have the Clippers pick to work with, and could package one of the afformentioned players and a pick to move back up into the lottery for a player they really want. I think these are the types of deals Danny ainge is looking for going forward

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Nerlens did something that

Nerlens did something that only Shaq, Zo and David Robinson did as rookies the last 25 years last night. If they trade him for another pick they must be insane. Nerlens is the only player on their roster worth keeping for sure at this point so trading him for a 7-10 pick would be dumb especially if you already have 11 picks in this draft.

The only way you even consider moving Nerlens is if you get the #1 pick and draft Okafor.

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The only reason to trade Noel would be if the Sixers got Okafor or maybe Towns, and then a great deal came a long. Even then, I wouldn't do it until it was tried for a year or two with all three guys first.

The Lakers pick for MCW was exceptional value. The same pick for Noel would not be. He has more value than MCW.

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The only way you even

The only way you even consider moving Nerlens is if you get the #1 pick and draft Okafor.

That would be a sign of desperation caused by a deterioration of Joel Embid's medical condition. Embid and Okafor can't be on the floor together, same cant be said for Nerlens/Okafor.

Hinkie would be nuts to trade Nerlens for anyone if Joel is on track.

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I don't think Nerlens Noel is

I don't think Nerlens Noel is going anywhere. I think the 76ers organization feels Noel has only scratched the surface of his potential. With Carter-Williams I think you could see that he would be a good point guard in the NBA, but I'm not sure he would be the perennial all-star the 76ers are looking for.

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We rather have a three headed

We rather have a three headed monster alot of philly fans would rather have noel along with a okafor/towns and embiid. A triple tower line up with one in the game at all times would be hell for any team.

If we trade with boston it a be our 2015 pick if we dont win .

So the 2nd or third pick for bos 2015 pick and a few of Brooklyn picks . Only way i trade all the way down with boston.

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He is not a good offensive player and he may never be, but I'd probably do this because Boston needs a rim protector and Noel has the potential to be one of the best in the league. Doubt Philly does this though, Noel is a building block for the future.

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OP has a reasonable idea, and

OP has a reasonable idea, and he presented compelling arguments for why the trade makes sense, so I don't see why he's being downvoted.

With that said, as a Sixers fan, I still wouldn't do that deal. I'd consider trading Noel for a top 5 pick, but a pick in the 7-10 range isn't enough given Noel's defensive potential and his signs of eventually being a non-zero on offense.

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The trade

I could see this happening if two things occured:

1. the Celtics included another 1st into the deal (something with high protections, like the Cavs pick)

2. a player that the 76ers loved fell to the Celtics pick

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