Howard to debut Sunday

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Howard to debut Sunday

Finally, there is a date. The Los Angeles Lakers have targeted Sunday's preseason game against the Sacramento Kings for Dwight Howard to make his debut, several sources told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday night. Barring any complications with Howard's back over the next couple days, the Lakers are optimistic the All-Star center will make their first appearance for them on Sunday.

"He is making progress," one Lakers source told Yahoo! Sports. "There is a good chance he can play Sunday." Howard has been sidelined since having surgery in April to repair a herniated disk. He's not expected to play against the Kings on Friday in Las Vegas. The Lakers would like Howard to play in two of their three remaining preseason games after Friday, sources said.

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Sweet now my fantasy team

Sweet now my fantasy team won't get nearly as throttled as they would've without him and nowitzki 8-)

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