How would Lebron going back to Cleveland add to his legacy?

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How would Lebron going back to Cleveland add to his legacy?

I don't understand why everyone is saying Lebron going back to Cleveland and winning a championship with them would help his legacy. Seems like it would be pretty easy to win a championship with a team that got 3 number one picks in his absence, as well as 2 other top 5 picks. How is that any better than Lebron joining Wade and Bosh on the Heat 4 years ago?

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Hometown guy going back to

Hometown guy going back to his original team to win a chip, nice end note to his career if he rides it out in Cleveland. Helps a lot more then going to a third city to chase chips or staying in Miami and having a hard time getting another ring with their roster.

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It would be good for his

It would be good for his legacy, because he chose his hometown in the end. He left Cleveland with a bad taste in his mouth. Gilbert hated him for leaving, and so did most of the Cavs fans. If he returns, is all forgiven? I think so, question is would they win again, or would it remind him too much of his 7 years in the league? Yeah they had the #1 pick 3 times in the last 4 years, but were those picks the right ones? We've already pretty much seemed to write off Anthony Bennett. Not many people liked the Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson picks. The only the picks that the Cavs got right to Lebron and the public are Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins. So I wouldn't say that just because they had the #1 pick 3 times in the last 4 years and two top 5 picks in that same time span means that they are guaranteed to win a championship with Lebron. You also have to pick right, and apparently the Cavs did not do that.

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Over 50 years since Cleveland

Over 50 years since Cleveland won a title in a major proffesional sport. Think back to the Red Sox when they won a title after all those years that would be nothing like what Cleveland would do if they wona title in a major sport.

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People say this for multiple reasons.

1- The city of Cleveland hasnt had a championship since 1964. The Indians came close in the late 90s. Closest the Browns got was when " the fumble" happened against Elway'S Broncos. The Cavs went to the Finals in 07 and were swept.

2- He is from Akron which is about half hour south of Clevleand, so a lot of his fans saw him in high school grow up to be the superstar he was even before he left for Miami.

3- Cleveland has some of the best fans I have ever ever seen. I lived in Ohio, Florida, and now California, and I havent seen fans as passionate as the Cleveland fans in general. They remind me of how passionate Boston and Philly are about their teams.

4- He promised to bring a championship to Cleveland. Many think he quit in that Boston series back in 2010 and feel he embarrassed us on live tv when he announced he was going to South Beach. He has since apologized for it but many feel that the way he can truly make it up is bringing a title back to his home state.

Watching Lebron live when he was in H.S, he instantly became my favorite player. He gave us the best 7 years of the franchise when he was there. I remember coming home from work or playing ball at the y and would tune in to watch every game. A lot of us watched him grow from a kid to the best player in the league. I was upset with the way he left, but couldnt help myself form rooting for him, not the Heat, but for Lebron. The thought of him coming back gives me the goosebumps as a Cavs fan. It is set up for a perfect story if he came back and won one for Cleveland.

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I take it you're not a

I take it you're not a Cleveland sports fan. If you don't know, you don't know...

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I think the Cavs lost lebron

I think the Cavs lost lebron when the they drafted luke Jackson in 2004 and lebron said he wanted to have his input on who Cleveland drafted. Then you have the owner saying all the wonderful thing he said about lebron. It's hard for me to see him going back a playing for him regardless of the situation, even if it might be the best situation for him long term. I think lebron wants to stay in the east but Miami hasn't made a move, Cleveland isn't a viable option. Unless someone makes a power move soon ur guess is as good as mine as where he goes.

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