How will Ty Lawson do in his first year as a starter next season?

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How will Ty Lawson do in his first year as a starter next season?

So obviously, George Karl and the Denver Nuggets staff know exactly what they expect out of Ty Lawson. As soon as the Carmelo trade went down, Ty Lawson was immediately put into the starting lineup and got significant playing time.

How do you guys believe Ty Lawson will do next season? Personally, I think he will do very well. There is not a prediction, but I believe he has the potential to average about 18 points and 8 assists. I also think he has the potential to get average around 2 steals per game, as he has those quick hands,and is so small and sneaky, as the Thunder found out in game one.

So, what are some of your guys' opinions?

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I think that he has shown

I think that he has shown that he will do just fine, needs to work on ways to be less eratic and manage the game better but besides that he has done a great job leading the Nuggets in the post Melo era and has shown now ego splitting some time with Felton

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Lawson will be good next year what about late in games though?

I love how the whole team is playing unselfishly it seems like everyone is cool in that locker room, no superstars just alot of talent. I like Lawson but I think he can be a liability late in the game. I noticed this in Game 1 when him and Felton was on th court late in the game. I think this is dangerous because The Thunder have big guards (Thabo, Westbrook, Harden). if there is ever a late game isolation Lawson cannot stop them from getting the shot they want.

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