How will ____ fare in the NBA? (Seniors)

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How will ____ fare in the NBA? (Seniors)

-Jimmer Fredette

-Kyle Singler

-Kenneth Faried

-Justin Harper

-Nolan Smith

-Rick Jackson

-LaceDarius Dunn

-Demetri McCamey

-Kalin Lucas

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Surprisingly,I hear some scouts say Jackson wont get Drafted


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-Kyle Singler: I think he can

-Kyle Singler: I think he can have a couple solid seasons in the NBA. Mike Miller is probably his BEST case, but Mike Dunleavy isn't bad either. I see a couple good seasons (13ppg-5rpg) and bench duties at best.

-Kenneth Faried: I want the Knicks to take him so bad. I think he's a rentless rebounder and he's a guy who's going to have some nice rebounding seasons. I don't think he will ever average no more then 12 points in a seasons, but he's probably the closest thing to Ben Wallace...since Ben Wallace.

-Justin Harper: Combo forward, I wonder if he can adjust to playing in the post at next level. Similar to Branden Wright

-Nolan Smith: I see him being a Vernon Maxwell type of guy. Think of Kenny Smith in Houston. I see Smith being a solid bench player who can score and/or lead the team as a point guard

-Rick Jackson: Big body, probable 9-12 guy. Plays high, solid rebounder

-LaceDarius Dunn: Don't think he will do well, not a real NBA player IMO

-Demetri McCamey: Good point guard. I'd compare him to Andre Miller. I think someone is getting a steal, just needs to get out of Illinois.

-Kalin Lucas: Same as Dunn, don't see him doing well in the NBA

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-Kyle Singler- career

-Kyle Singler- career journeyman

-Kenneth Faried- 6th man- rebounding, defense and hustle

-Justin Harper- havent seen him play

-Nolan Smith- backup pg

-Rick Jackson- benchwarmer, not much impact

-LaceDarius Dunn- Europe eventually, wont last in nba

-Demetri McCamey- solid starter

-Kalin Lucas- no chance at nba- he'll be in Europe

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Jimmer Fredette: The next

Jimmer Fredette: The next Steph Curry? No, not in my opinion. Will have a long career but nothing spectacular. A fringe starter? An average passer, outstanding shooter, not very quick or athletic, pretty strong build for a point guard... doesn't translate all that well to the NBA but has the shooting ability and smarts to warrant significant playing time.

Kyle Singler: Needs to be in the right system and right team to really flourish. Could be a really important role player on a really good team.

Kenneth Faried: Don't think he'll stick. Athletic rebounding specialists really stand out on the college level but if Joey Dorsey can't find a spot in the league consistently I doubt that Faried will. Though I really would love for him to find a spot with my hometown Knicks.

Justin Harper: Don't know much about him other than thats he's a big man who averages more than 2 threes per game. Could find a spot in the league because of his shooting ability especially at his size but I doubt he is anything more than a 12th man. Big men who can stretch the floor usually find spots on NBA rosters, but few get meaningful minutes.

Nolan Smith: Awesome college player but I just don't think he's that great. Probably because I'm not a Duke fan. On paper Smith is an awesome prospect, but I just don't see him as anything special at the NBA level. Too mechanical for me.

Rick Jackson: D-league/overseas player.

LaceDarius Dunn: Undersized shooting guard who never met a shot he didn't like. There are quite a few guys like that in the league so I don't see why Dunn wouldn't get a shot. In the Marcus Thornton mold... will have his nights when he can drop 20 easily but that won't happen very often.

Demetri McCamey: One of my favorite prospects in this years draft. A big, strong point guard who has shown that he can be a more than decent floor general. Has also shown that he can shoot the rock especially during this season, more than 2 threes per night at a very efficient percentage (around 45%). More productive than talented but has the talent to be a good back up point guard.

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singler is sooo over-rated

singler is sooo over-rated man o man.... he'll be out of the league in 6-7 yrs

fredette will be identical to curry, offensively

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"he's probably the closest

"he's probably the closest thing to Ben Wallace...since Ben Wallace."
Ed Davis is slowly developing to a player wth those types of characteristics. He is after all Wallace's non blood nephew.

-Kyle Singler- Great roleplayer potential similar to Landry Fields (not in playing style, in role).

-Kenneth Faried- Shows some post potential, and wll to get better. Goal is to work harder then everyone, helping his team get wins, doing whatever he can. He is like a Reggie Evans/Trevor Booker type guy.

-Justin Harper- wont makethe nba

-Nolan Smith- Really has impressed me as of late, I think he is someone who can blend into any NBA sstem and do well as a backup. could have some spot starting minutes in the nBA as well. Used to remind me of a longer Chalmers but now I dont know what to think.

-Rick Jackson- wont make the nba

-LaceDarius Dunn- wont make the nba

-Demetri McCamey- 3rd stringer, D League allstar.

-Kalin Lucas- wont make the nba

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Kyle Singler- servicable but

Kyle Singler- servicable but underwhelming backup, could be a 3rd stringer on a championship contender before being moved to a weaker team to have more playing time...see him as a Luke Walton type (5.2 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 34% 3PT, 14.1 mpg) for his career averages

Jimmer Fredette- he will be a starting shooting guard for a team and fans will eventually start to dislike him because he wont be able to guard bigger and longer players but I think he could start on a team with a bigger PG like the Mavs (10.4 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 3.6 apg, 26.5 mpg) for his career

Justin Harper- I think he will get drafted in the 2nd round, and like Magnum Rolle, get moved around and not make any team before spending a year in the NBDL and eventually ending up overseas..He will be forgotten by us in 2-3 years (no career averages)

Kenneth Faried- This brute in the paint with length and raw potential could be a very decent backup. I think he'll struggle on offense cuz he is small for a PF but his rebounding and shot-blocking gifts are excellent (4.6 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 1.7 bpg, 17.8 mpg) for his career

Rick Jackson- See him in a Darnell Jackson role...Very limited playing time, not offensively gifted enough to score a lot...wont be around more than 3 years (2.1 ppg, 2.4 rpg, 38% FG, 8.8 mpg)

Nolan Smith- Love Nolan Smith but i dont think he could be a starting PG in the league...he is a winner, knows the game, and can score in a bevy of ways but he isn't a true PG..I see him as a keyon dooling comparable (7.6 ppg, 2.9 apg, 2.4 rpg, 18 mpg)

LaceDarius Dunn- Jermaine Taylor type could probably get 18 a game but that would come at the expense of the team's success and also take him 20 shots...See him sticking around on a bench for a team for 2-3 years before being sent away...Soon to be forgotten by all of us on the site (3.2 ppg, 1.0 rpg, 35% FG, 10.4 mpg)

Kalin Lucas- He will make a summer league team but wont make an NBA roster...succesful overseas (no career averages)

Demetri McCamey- I can see him as a guy who starts slow but picks it up 3-4 years into his career like chauncey billups did...I think he could be a starter in this league but not a lights out scorer..(9.5 ppg, 6.4 apg, 3.5 rpg, 42% FG, 31.2 mpg)

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Can we add

Marshon Brooks, Hansbrough and Leuer to the discussion

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