How physical is this Draft Class?

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How physical is this Draft Class?

Previous NBA draft had a couple bigs above 245lbs




This year above 245lbs
Alex Len
Colton Iverson
Anthony Bennett (6"7 and 240lbs...not 245 but he's a huge SF/PF)

Noel, Grobert, Zeller, Olynyk, Plumlee, Dieng, Whitney, Nogueira, Muscala

These guys range from 220lbs to 233 lbs.

We can agree they can had bulk to go against Hibbert, Lopez, Gasol, Howard, Asik, Noah, Garnett, Duncan.

We also see guys like Larry Sanders at 235 lbs have success, posting a rebound rate of 12.5 per 36 minutes with his prolific shot blocking and elite interior defense.

May question is, will the mass of these young big men play a different in their career, do you think bulking up would affect their game lets say for a guy like Zeller who's strength is his footspeed and agility, Nogueira also who moves like a SF...same goes for Noel who has bad knees and needs to add weight to those knees to take the physicality of NBA big men.

I don't think Dieng, Muscala, Zeller, Plumlee need to add much mass.

Guys that need to IMO are Grobert, Noel, Olynyk, Whitney and Nogueira

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There's probably only 4 first round

centers: Len, Gobert, Dieng and Withey. Any others are PF or second rounders. Some of those are either or both.

Noel, Zeller Olynyk,.and Plumlee are probably Power Forwards at the NBA level.

You can not play center at 206 lbs in the NBA. Zeller and Plumlee could play center based on strength, but would be better served playing PF on defense.

Nogueira is a second round PF. Muscala, Dedmon, and Kadji are second rounders

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Add Steven Adams

Add Steven Adams

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Has anyone seen

that kid Terrell Brown who's trying out for the St. Louis Rams? He's an offensive lineman and a rookie-to-be. His measurements: 6'10" - 6'11" and 390 lbs. Google some pics. Silly how much mass this man has. I would pay to see a good old fashioned one-on-one boxing out drill with him and Nerlens Noel!

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One way to look at it is that

One way to look at it is that there is an unusually high number of 7ft power forwards. Athletic ones at that. Noel, Zeller, Plumlee, and Olynyk have a good 2-3 inches on most nba pfs. Zeller, Plumlee, and Olynyk also have pretty strong lower bodies compared to many pfs. Plumlee might be close to maxed out physically at 238, but 7 footers can gain 10 pounds without us even noticing.

I do wonder if Dieng could should work on quickness much more than strength, and if he might be better as a defensive starting pf than a backup center. He seems smart enough to be able to give space to Josh Smith types while still contesting shots and not getting totally burned on blowbys. If Jared Sullinger with a bad back could play smart, effective overall defense at PF, Dieng should be able to do the same, more or less. Big stretch 4 with great passing skills, just not as quick as we are accustomed to seeing some stretch 4s.

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