How much potential does Micheal carter Williams have?

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How much potential does Micheal carter Williams have?

I have not followed him that much, but the dude is leading College Hoops in assists and i believe is second in steals.. He is 6'6 , but is skinny... i think he weighs about 190... Does he have the potential to be a very decent player in the NBA or is he a Shaun Livingston clone??

Appreciate ur feedback!

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Well he's a kid so him being 190 does not mean much. He'll get stronger as he get older but the way he controls the game at such a young age is not teachable. He reminds me of Livingston so much but these two years at Cuse really set him apart from Livingston since he came straight from high school. In all, I think he'll be a good pro once he makes that jump.

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