How much better are the Mavs after this offseason?

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How much better are the Mavs after this offseason?

To me this roster has really come together. You have a star in Dirk that can still give you 20. Parsons who a very good young player, Chandler who can give them what the missed since well, he left town. Ellis that can score with the best of them.

Then the overall depth of the team. Harris, Felton, Nelson, Wright and Marion.

That's 9 deep right there with one of the best coaches in the game.

The 5th seed isn't out of the question,

Only question is who's going to be the backup big man.

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Marion hasn't resigned, but they have signed Al-farouq Aminu and Richard Jefferson. Jose Calderon and Vince Carter are also gone.

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That's a lot of PGs between

That's a lot of PGs between Harris, Nelson, and Felton. Weird to think Felton is the only of those 3 never to be an All-Star. Most of their moves seemed to be lateral ones, besides the upgrade of Chandler over Dalembert.
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Parsons is a step up from

Parsons is a step up from anyone else they had on their roster.

If Chandler can stay healthy (big if), that is a huge upgrade.

Nelson and Felton might not be as good of shooters as Calderon, but they will be better defenders.

When a lot of teams in the West did nothing or replaced role players, Dallas got better.

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As a Knick fan, seeing the

As a Knick fan, seeing the name Felton & "defense" linked together with a positive connotation kind of made me throw up in my mouth a bit.
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Felton is not a great

Felton is not a great defender, for sure, but Calderon is the worst point guard defender in the league. Felton's strength allows him to fight through screens.

I'm not saying he is a defensive juggernaut, but he is an upgrade.

Also, hardly anyone played consistent defense for the Knicks last year.

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In one hand, I think Dallas

In one hand, I think Dallas is a better team. However the West is so tough, I could see them pushing a team deep into a series and still losing the series like they did with the SAS. I don't think they did enough to get over the top out west.

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I think it really depends on

I think it really depends on the PG play they get. Calderon was really good and it'll be tough to replace that production. He shot well and turned it over little. Tyson Chandler struggled last year so it also depends on how well he plays.

they need some things to go right but on paper they look better. I think it remains to be seen. Carter was a tough shot maker, Calderon was steady and Marion was a good defender and rebounder. That's 3 really good vets gone. They probably needed to make some moves but I don't think this makes them a contender. They'll most likely be a 6-8 seed again and push a top west team to the brink of not win but I think that's their ceiling.

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They actually pushed the

They actually pushed the Spurs to 7 games with last years team.

I wouldnt overlook them in a series, but regular season wise i see another 47-50 win team.

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I like the depth of

I like the depth of Parsons/Aminu/Jefferson especially with Aminu's ability to play the 4 in situations. I for one think they got better, I mean Chandler over Dalembert is a big step up alone.

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PG: Nelson / Felton /

PG: Nelson / Felton / Harris

SG: Ellis / Harris / Ledo

SF: Parsons / Aminu / Crowder / Jefferson

PF: Nowitzki / Greg Smith / Aminu

C: Chandler / Brandan Wright / Greg Smith

They were also going to sign Rashard Lewis but his his injury has prevented such a deal from formulating

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Very Deep

They are a bit different but I think they are better. They are a very deep team that no one in the West really wants to see in the first round. They have some championship pedigree and guys who can put the ball in the basket. With that said, the West still belongs to the Spurs.

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They're going to be so nice

They're going to be so nice offensively. They turned Marion into Parsons, and added Chandler's every play lob threat. Monta is going to have a big year, nobody can help when he comes off the pick & roll/pop because everyone is a threat. Whoever starts out of Felton & Jameer are low turnover guys who can hit catch & shoot 3s to space the floor and they throw the lob great, then Harris off the bench to push tempo and attack on both ends. They will be a tough out in the playoffs.

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