How mad would Lakers fans be if Philly got the #1 Pick this Year?

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How mad would Lakers fans be if Philly got the #1 Pick this Year?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how pissed would y'all be?

How scary would that make Philly?

Would you even keep the Pick if you were the 76ers? Or would you trade it to San Antonio for a disgruntled Kahwi Leonard, if that trade was presented on draft night of course? Slide Kahwi in the starting SG spot and give him all of JJ's minutes and money next year? Or draft a Luka Doncic and trust the process?

Oh, and who would you rather have right now? Markelle Fultz or Lonzo Ball plus the baggage he comes with?

Extending this into Free Agency, if you were a Superstar Free Agent, what situation would you want to join, Philly and the Process OR the Shit um I mean Lake Show?

You're Paul George and I've got a gun to your head, who would you rather sign with?

Philly, starting in place of Reddick, getting all those easy looks OR in Los Angeles, in a lineup with Ball, Ingram, Kuzma and maybe Randle as the starting C?

What of you were LeBron, Are you heading out west and asking the Lakers to trade away Ball and Ingram for Kawhi and hoping PG13 joins too, would a big 3 of James/Leonard and George get it down against the Warriors if we assume the Lakers don't have much depth beyond the 3 Non Lakers ATM...

I ask these questions because all year everyone in sports and social media have been pegging the Lakers as this Big Free Agent landing spot, while down playing Philly as a free agent destination...

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Philly should take Ayton with

Philly should take Ayton with the #1 pick doncic is too ball dominant and they already have Simmons; Ayton would give them a backup Embiid for injury concerns and a crazy big, athletic lineup with Simmons, Covington, Saric, Ayton, Embiid

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Philly fans quickly becoming

Philly fans quickly becoming one of the most annoying things about basketball.

Trust your process and stop talking sh*t about the Lakers and their fans. We got our own young core and are happy with it.

And thank you for Kobe Bryant, the greatest son of Philadelphia.

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He's from Lower Merion and

He's from Lower Merion and Europe.

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As a lakers fan, I wouldn’t

As a lakers fan, I wouldn’t be mad. You can’t control the way the ping pong balls bounce and we are still well set up for the future regardless. I don’t hate the sixers and love what they are building. It’s great for the nba and another number one pick would give them a lot of options. I do have to point out that it is extremely unlikely that the sixers get the first pick though.

I do agree with you that the sixers should be in play for George this summer and the team should absolutely pursue him as their number one target in free agency (even ahead of lebron). He fits their team and timetable perfectly. They could be scary if they are able to land him (which is a big if of course).

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Paul George to the Sixers wasn’t even a situation I even thought could possibly happen but it’s looking like t could be extremely likely. I don’t know their salary cap situation at the moment but I’d imagine they have the flexibility to pull it off. That would be a loaded team.

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If I was a Lakers fan and the

If I was a Lakers fan and the Sixers got the first overall pick because of a ridiculous deal years ago, I'd forever curse Jim Bus's name.

If the 76ers got the number 1 overall pick I'm sure they'd consider every possible option. Their playoff run would largely influence their decision. It's too insane just imagining that scenario to say for sure what they would or should do.

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Sixers win lotto, trade#1 to

Sixers win lotto, trade#1 to GSW for Klay

Philly start Simmons Klay Cov Saric Embiid

Fultz spearheads 2nd unit

GS solves their financial probs, draft choice to join Curry, KD and Dray and still be a top 4 team next season

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The problem is Klay is a UFA

The problem is Klay is a UFA after next season. You can't give up the #1 pick for a him unless he agrees to sign first.

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Love Klay, not deal

Only a Lakers GM would trade overall #1 for Klay at this point in his contract. Wait another year and pay him to come and keep it.

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i'd prolly trade down

maybe grab Jaren Jackson, pick up some more assets, maybe trade with the Kings. Doncic is the guy though. Doncic is not ball dominant, he's just a really really really smart baksetball player, with a feel for the game. He can shoot off of Ben, he can create off of Ben, I don't get where people come from. Won a chip with Dragic. The key to winning is having as many guys that know how to play basketball as possible, along with some indominable pieces.

#TheProcessForever #ProcessMeansChampionship

btw, you forgot to ask who the Lakers would pick if they had a lottery

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Lakers fan and I wouldn't

Lakers fan and I wouldn't give two craps. Whoever it is would just get injured. They have guys I feel like are going to be good. Covington and saric are going good role players. Really not sure what Fultz is going to be. That be is nothing to as a Lakers fan.

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Philly have number 1

Philly have number 1 protection on 2019 Sac-Town pick so could possibly get top pick in next two drafts. If Lakers pick comes in at 2 to 5 and goes over to Boston or they get a good result from the same Sac-Town pick or the Brooklyn pick comes up big for the Cavs it could shape a fair bit of the NBA future for the next few years.

Philly I think would take Ayton at 1 unless they could get a good package and trade down a spot or two if they liked look of Porter or Bagley say. They could run a twin towers frontcourt with Embeast and Ayton and a 3 man main big rotation with Saric.

Plus they do have money to go after a top FA and then can sort cap out with extensions in due course. But that could mean not retaining some of their older role players.

Philly will also be an attractive option for vets looking to jump on a contender given their upside.

Talking of GSW - could Iggy go home this summer, his salary might be hard for GSW to retain when we assume KD resigns with them. GSW could always add a couple of vet minimum guys to provide bench depth in his place. Iggy would give Philly a good locker room leader and has title experience plus returning would make a good story.

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It's long shot for Phila to land the #1 pick in 2018

but there is a Very real shot Phila will get the #1 pick in 2019 b/c the Lottery odds are smoothed out & Phila's King's pick

Phila's situation Never upset me b/c they did an Actual Rebuild. Right now, you can pull up Sam Hinkie introducing Brett Brown at a press conference 5 years ago & they talked about investing in Youth for a neccessary Rebuild & focusing on building a Culture of hard work & Loyalty to each other & the city

And 5 years later as a surging, exciting young team it looks like an over night success but the truth is that Brown & Hinkie worked very hard to build the Sixers the "Right Way" by being Smart w/ the Cap & Drafting & Developing Young Talent instead of Poaching the Developed young talent of other teams in free agency -

That Sixers team Never once sat healthy starters or dogged it during a game - that Sixers team Never dogged it

Atlanta Hawks are doing the Exact same thing this year - played 100% balls to the wall right to the Last game & Never sat Healthy players

Contrast that w/ other teams like Memphis - Marc Gasol is Roasting DPOY candidate Rudy Gobert in a Razor close game w/ Utah that had Massive playoff implications for Several teams. Gasol has 28 points after only 3 Qtrs & Memphis SITS Gasol the Entire 4th Qtr!?!?!?

If Utah loses that game they are the #8 seed instead of the #5 seed! I don't wanna pick on Utah or Memphis but how many other times did this go???

My point is there is a Difference between a Rebuild and a Tank job. One is a team totally depleted of Talent deciding to Rebuild w/ Youth & the other is sitting healthy players & purposely starting lower level players on your roster & there is a Big difference that is Never talked about

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