How to Increase Penis: Ways to Increase Your Penis Size Length

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How to Increase Penis: Ways to Increase Your Penis Size Length

How to Increase Penis? Are you not satisfied with your own penis, and are looking for ways to increase penis size, so that it can grow to a satisfying length and girth that you can feel proud of? It is very common to hear women talking about their men's penis size over their girl-talk sessions, discussing about how well-hung a guy is easily tops their chat list!

Today, size does matter to a woman, and if she tell you she does not mind about the size, obviously she is lying and does not want to hurt your feelings. As a man, it is crucial that you know what you are lacking in, and find out means and ways to improve your situation. There are many methods for you to increase penis size naturally, and everyone believes that the natural methods are always a safer and better choice.

Penis size is believed to be basically determined by genetics and perhaps influenced by environmental factors. As genetics determine the color of your hair and eyes, so it determines the relative size of your penis. This has not deterred mans determination to increase the size of his penis and throughout the ages, ingenious methods have been developed to accomplish that end. Let's explore some interesting techniques as practiced through the ages.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: This method is probably the fastest way to increase penis size. In addition to speed, you will know exactly what length you will get after the procedure is done. This is all good. The problems with this method however, are numerous and potential sever. First, the pain. There is a lengthy recovery period like for any plastic surgery. There is also a risk of infection and permanent desensitization of the penis. If that was not enough, there is the matter of cost. Like all plastic surgeries, you get what you pay for! You could easily shell out $10k for a good plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.

Penis Weights: This is an ancient practice of African tribes which has gone back many many years and entails hanging special light weights from the glans of the penis to increase penis size over time as you gradually increase the weight increments. This is the most dangerous way to increase penis size as if done incorrectly it can easily cause irrevocable damage such as impotency, erectile dysfunction, and permanent nerve damage.

Penis Enlargement Exercises: These exercises focus on increasing the blood flow to the membrane causing the penis to enlarge over time. The fact that these types of exercises have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years is a testament to their effectiveness. The Jelq and Kegel exercises enlarge the penis naturally while strengthening the muscles responsible for maintaining longer erections and controlling ej_aculation.

Penis Extenders (aka Traction Devices): With modern materials and state of the art manufacturing facilities, these extender devices have become precision instruments. In fact, they are used by men after penis enlargement surgery during their recovery. These devices work by creating a steady and gentle pull on the penis for a certain period of time. This traction causes tiny spaces to be created in the penis membrane. The body adjusts by creating more cells in order to fill those gaps. Over time, this response leads to a naturally bigger penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills: Pills are probably the most popular method when it comes to increasing penis size. You don't need to worry about using any devices, or spending time doing exercises. Taking one or two pills per day also beats having to go through painful surgery. Penis enlargement pills (the natural ones) contain powerful herbs that have been used for centuries and are proven to work.

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