How good is my Roy Hibbert?

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How good is my Roy Hibbert?

There is not a lot of love out there for a struggling, small market team like the Pacers. I mean we're lucky if we get one game on ESPN, because god forbid they talk about something else other than Lebron James or Brett Favre for three seconds. But, since a lot of people can't see my favorite team play, recognition falters.

Here's Roy Hibbert's numbers through a 5 game test sample.

15.6 PPG; 10 RPG; 3.4 BPG; 4.2 APG; 84% Free Throw Percentage

I mean, I know that's a small amount of games, but can anyone else name me five centers in the NBA who have been better number than that so far? Okay, Dwight Howard, of course. Joakim Noah is playing out of his mind which shouldn't go unnoticed either. Some people would knock that Noah is getting more points and rebounds because he plays fourty minutes a game, but if he has the stamina and the ability to stay out of foul trouble then that's just another aspect to add to his game. Then after that it's a toss up between Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez, Andrew Bogut, and Al Horford (You could throw Bargnani in the mix as a pure scorer). I mean compare the stats yourself. What's crazy is these are all centers that are 25 and under in the east. There is a storm of big men brewing and it's going to wreak havoc on the playoffs in a few years with great battles to watch.

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Still early days

Still early days but he's looked great, he's in shape and is playing good minutes, his assists have been surprising, i mean he's averaging around the same APG as their starting PG Collison.

Hope he doesn't go down with an injury, that would be sad.

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