How good is Kabongo?

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How good is Kabongo?

I saw my Heat picked up Myck Kabongo as an undrafted free agent for Summer league. Really enthuised. We got Scottie Hopson, James Ennis, and Anthony Marshall as well so a few interesting young guys in the fold.

My question is, I've never seen him play. How good is Kabongo? His stats are decent, especially considering he didn't have a whole year to get into rythm. He averaged about 15,5,5 with a bad 3.5 turnovers, granted he played almost 38 mpg. I remember him being the number 1 pg in the class and his numbers, while not world beaters, are decent. He's got decent size and is an NBA Athlete, so I wonder, is this a guy we are really lucky to have? Do you think he can make the team as a 3rd Pg? I know theres some word that we might pick up Chauncey Billups.

Side note, my one complaint as a heat fan is that since we got the Big 3, we haven't aquired one decent developmental piece. I know we haven't had the most or the highest draft picks, but since we are so limited in free agency, drafting and developing top shelf talent in house is not only a great way to keep the dynasty going, but make sure our inevitable rebuild down the line won't be starting from nothing. In 2010, we had 2 decent second rounders which netted us Dexter Pittman and Jarvis Varnado, neither of whom has played 2 good minutes of NBA ball consecutively. We traded up to get Norris Cole the next year, who I would be ok with parting with. Last year we trade a late first round pick down into the second round to draft Justin Hamilton, who we stashed in Croatia. I like James Ennis but he plays our most crowded position so I can't imagine he ends up on the roster this year either. So this is the 4th draft with the big 3 and we've got essentially nothing to show for them thus far. Teams like the Spurs stay relevant because they continue to draft useful pieces in the late first and second round.

What ya'll think about Ennis and Kabongo on the Heat?

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Y'all got DJ Stephens too

Y'all got DJ Stephens too unfortunately, and he is probably going to be the most exciting player in the summer league.

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Wasn't Cole a developmental

Wasn't Cole a developmental piece? And Pitman was all potential. I mean its not much but you can't say you haven't had any.. Cole could still develop and become a fringe starter.

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How good....good enough not to get drafted! He's quick and can drive a bit. But he has zero mid-range, 3pt shot. And he's a bit small in weight and strength. I can see him playing in the league in bout 2-3 yrs...once he finds an outside shot and hit the weigh room.

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Unfortunately for him, he's

Unfortunately for him, he's probably not just going to "find" an outside shot.

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Myck Kabongo really sucks.

Myck Kabongo really sucks. He reminds me of Sebastian Telfair... attitude is unpredictable.

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Kabongo is quick, a good

Kabongo is quick, a good passer and has top tier handle. Unfortunately, there have been so many prospects with those same attributes who bounced out of the league. Mainly because finishing around the rim is difficult when you lack lift and strength.

I doubt he can get any bigger, as his frame is slight and his shoulders small. But if he develops a 3-pointer he could be a starter. Thats a process that takes years though.

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He doesn't have to score now

He can run your offense though. Thats good enough for a back up who is still developing. I think Miami is a good look for him. He would rather set up the scorers.

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Everybody loved Kabongo but

Everybody loved Kabongo but as soon as he went to the Heat, he's a terrible player.

Same guys saying he was a late-first are now saying he's a terrible player and should go overseas because of who he signed with. Give me a break.

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I'll say it once and I'll say

I'll say it once and I'll say it again, guys like him are a dime a dozen in the NBA. Him and Phil Pressey both translate to being a player like Ishmael Smith at best, who is a 3rd-string fringe NBA point guard.He made a huge mistake declaring- just like J'Covan Brown did last year.......

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dont see how staying helped Kabango

If he came out last year he would have been drafted so you are wrong buddy.

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I like Kabongo, his best

I like Kabongo, his best skills you cant teach, He's quick, good court vision, and he's a willing defender

All he needs to do to stick in the NBA is improve his jumpshot & try to lower his turnovers

If I was him, I'd lock myself in the gym shooting 1000 jumpers a day until summer league

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I dont like him at all. For

I dont like him at all. For someone with his off the court issues to get NBA chances he needs to have produced much better in college than he did. Also, everyone is calling him a top athlete and I just dont think thats the case. He's got good quickness, but only managed a 33" very at the combine and 27" standing vert. His full court sprint time was worse than a lot of the big man. I know combine results dont tell everything but these concern me a bit.

People were calling him a poor mans Rondo a year or two ago; I think he's more like a broke mans Andre Miller.

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You clearly...

You clearly have never seen Kabongo play. What off court issues? You mean getting suspended for 23 games because he went to work out with his childhood friend? Yes he lied and he made a mistake but really the NCAA took that way too far and everyone knows it.

Now to your comparison "broke mans Andre Miller" Have you ever watched either play? Kabongo has no jumper and Miller didnt really develop one until late in his career so you got that right. But after that they couldn't be more different. Miller is a strong pg who isnt quick and uses strength, his basketball IQ and a post game to his advantage. Kabongo on the other hand is a skinny pg who uses his quickness to get by defenders and create for others. How is a guy who is skinny and quick anywhere near a comparison to a guy who is strong and slow?

Kabongo is a guy who probably should have been drafted but he didn't so he's now gonna have to work hard to make a roster. I think he will he has the potential to be a good pg in the nba if he works to improve his weaknesses.

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Kabongo has nice raw talent

Kabongo has nice raw talent and he can create for teammates and he has good quickness and length. But he has a bad shot, isnt very strong, and at times the college game looked like it was too fast for him. He's really getting chances because of his HS rep, but he isnt an NBA ready player

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