How good is jahlil okafor?

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How good is jahlil okafor?

I've seen him play a couple of games and obviously seen the highlight tapes of this guy but if someone has the info how good is he really? Like is he just benefitting from being the biggest guy in his class or does he have legit skills? I know all about him being the top big man in his class but I'm just looking for more info. Do any of you think he compares as a better prospect than like a Dwight Howard or Demarcus cousins?

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I saw him play in Vegas July 2012

And let me tell you he is special. He is not just a huge guy who scores because he is big. He demonstrates touch and great footwork. I watched him in Vegas last July and he was turning over his right shoulder shooting turnaround jump shots. His hands are huge and he holds the ball like a grapefruit. He ran the floor well, finishes around the basket with power and tenacity and has great feel for the game.

He is not a Dwight Howard type of player as he is much more skilled and not as athletic (who is). He is more of a cerebral player with power and touch. Very good footwork. I cannot express that enough. Advanced big man skill set,

The team he was playing against was from Seattle and they were defending him with guys his height and he scored well with fundamentally sound moves.

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I've seen him live a couple

I've seen him live a couple times, and watched him via an online stream numerous times.

He is good, but I wouldn't say he is a Dwight level prospect. I think the 2014 H.S. is a weaker one, but not a totally bad one.

He has skill, he plays bigger than his height, and he can pound you in the post.

He did however play on a stacked team...they have 3 top 100 guys for the class of 2014 alone. They are probably the most consistent basketball program in Chicago, and they played a ton of games against teams that couldn't handle them. They were the No.1 team in the state, but lost to Jabari and Simeon in the playoffs, which is understandable. Jabari really outplayed him in that particular game, but they don't play the same position and I don't think its fair to expect Okafor to be a better prospect than Parker. I expect him to be good, be a top 10 pick in the draft, and have a solid NBA career. He doesn't scream "star", but then again it is probably too early to make that determination.

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He's as polished a post

He's as polished a post scorer as you'll find in HS. Has tremendous footwork, patience and touch, with good use of fakes. He can stick the open mid-range J as well His post passing is a work in progress, as it should be. He also isn't as big of a factor defensively as you figure he'd be.
I don't see superstar either, but I see a really good offensive player in the future. A rare, back to the basket post player.

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He reminds me of Jared

He reminds me of Jared Sullinger but a bit taller.

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Fundamentals is what jumps

Fundamentals is what jumps out right away. Like mentioned before, he has tremendous footwork and feel around the basket. Defense could use some shoring up but I wouldn't say he's bad. Can use both hands well and has a nice jumper out to about 10-12ft. very good offensive player that will be a one and done imo. Especially if he goes to a program that knows how to utilize a big man.

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