How good can Archie Goodwin be?

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How good can Archie Goodwin be?

So before this past college season started, John Calipari, along with many others, were comparing Goodwin to Russell Westbrook. Now, before you start saying well Westbrook is way more talented or way faster and athletic, lets look at some of the physical attributes.

Westbrook was listed at 6'2.25" barefoot and 6'3.5" with shoes. He weighed 192 pounds and had a 6'7.75" wingspan.
Goodwin was 6'3.75" barefoot and 6'5.25" with shoes. He weighed in at 189 and had a 6'9.5" wingspan.

Westbrooks body fat was 4.8, and his standing reach was 8'4"
Goodwins body fat was 4.6 and his standing reach was 8'6"

Westbrook had a 30" no step vert with a 36.5" max. He also posted a no step reach of 10'10" and a max of 11'4.5"
Goodwin also had a 30" no step and his max was 36". He had a no step reach of 11' and a max of 11'6"

Westbrook had a lane agility of 10.98 and a 3/4 sprint of 3.08
Goodwin had a lane agility of 10.75 with a 3/4 sprint of 3.27

the only real difference I could find was bench press with Westbrook getting 12! and Goodwin apparently only getting 1? I think for the most part that is pretty useless. Westbrook is definitely really strong and durable but bench doesnt show how strong your whole body is and it doesnt directly relate to basketball either

Anyway, I thought it was interesting to see just how similar these two players are from a physical standpoint. I wanted to know what you guys personally thought was the main difference between them as prospects, seeing how Westbrook went 4th overall and has turned into a star, while many people see Goodwin going somewhere between 25-35 in this draft.

If Goodwin was an inch shorter would he be considered a score first point guard? if he was an inch taller would he be considered a better SG prospect? Is it all mental? What do you think Goodwin has to do to reach his full potential?

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Maybe it is the strength...

you stated that their physicals are damn near identical but where they show a difference is in their strength. Think about how Russ attacks the rim, and how he just crushes jams. It doesn't matter if people are in his way because he's so strong ( and he knows it) he can still overpower them even if its a big man trying to block his shot. Archie would have been best served by staying in college another year and working on his overall body strength. Yes I know that it's a top heavy draft most likely next year, but with a good season he may have been able to sneak into the back end of the lottery.

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I agree that strength is a

I agree that strength is a huge difference physically between these two players. Also Westbrook was more coachable in college than Goodwin so we will see how that goes at the next level. Maybe Goodwin will mature a lot both physically and mentally, and if he does he would be a steal. I love his explosion and burst, Goodwin always jumped out at me when I watched Kentucky. Goodwin can absolutely get to the hoop at will and that is something that cannot be coached, he has a gift. I think he would be worth a flier for the Pistons in the second round, plus he would have a world class strength and conditioning coach in Arnie Kander to help him along the way.

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I see him more like a taller

I see him more like a taller version of Eric Bledsoe

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I believe his ceiling would

I believe his ceiling would be somewhere around Monta Ellis. The problem is the doubts that he ever reaches his potential.

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He has allot of potential he

He has allot of potential he should have stayed in college at least one more year

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I'm a big fan of Goodwin. I

I'm a big fan of Goodwin. I hope the Spurs take a chance on him. I think in the right system he could be a star.

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I think Jay Williams hit it

I think Jay Williams hit it right on the nail at the combine when he said Goodwin can be shaped into a PG in the mold of Russell Westbrook. He's a lot like Westbrook coming into the league in terms of athleticism, he just needs to work on his jumpshot and consistency. The ability to get into the lane with his size at point in the NBA can be an advantage of his much like it is for Russell Westbrook.

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No Way

Who would compare Archie Goodwin to Westbrook? First of all, he won't be a top 20 or likely top 30 pick, so no team will really be able to invest the time to develop him like OKC did with Westbrook. Also if he's drafted outside of the lottery it will probably be to a contending team who will more than likely try to mold him into a niche defender/slasher-type role player, a la Tony Allen/Avery Bradley/Jimmy Butler.

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Solid gaurd off the bench. I

Solid gaurd off the bench. I could see him going to the Knicks at #24 if JR decides to leave.

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