How Good is Allen Crabbe

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How Good is Allen Crabbe

Chicago Bulls fan and just looking at who may be available in the draft to play the 2 guard. Not a west coaster so I have not watched Crabbe play but have heard of him. Saw him play yesterday and he looked smooth and had very good court awareness. If he comes out this year I figure he should be available when the Bulls draft. I have not heard if he is coming out but just watching the games to do a little scouting for Bulls management. I realize yesterday was just one game but he looked like he had an NBA game to me. Would have liked to see a little more eye of the tiger or intensity but then again not looking at a top 10 pick so there will be flaws.

Do you think he is a potential NBA starter?

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He has NBA game, I think he's

He has NBA game, I think he's a borderline 1st/2nd round pick. I haven't seen a ton of him, but he has good size, a nice shot and the ability to both create his own shot and come off screens. I don't know if he's a starting caliber player, but I think he'll make it on someone's roster next year, even if he gets taken in the 2nd round where there aren't guaranteed contracts.

If I had to guess what kind of role he'd play at the next level, it'd be a 2nd string shooting guard. Probably 15-20 mpg and 6-9 ppg, he could do it as a rookie too, I feel he's pretty NBA ready. I too like the Bulls, and I don't think he's a long term answer, especially for a team lwho aspires to contend, like the Bulls. If Chicago was picking 29 or 30 like they have in the past couple years, I think Crabbe would be a good option, but with them most likely picking in the early 20's I think there are better options, like KCP, Tim Hardaway Jr. ( I know I'm a little higher on him than most ) or even a big like Jeff Withey ( who I feel would thrive in Thibs' defensive system).

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He reminds me a little of a

He reminds me a little of a young Rip Hamilton..He should be a solid role player in the L.

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