How desperate are the 76er's?

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How desperate are the 76er's?

How desperate are the 76ers to get rid of Elton Brands contract? I have seen trades from the T-Wolves offering Jefferson, 4th for 2nd, Brand all the way to Dunleavy, Foster, Rush and the 10th for Brand and the 2nd pick (likely Turner). Do any of you realistically see the 76ers settling for less in the draft to get rid of Brand?

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Brand has such a terrible contract that I don't think the Sixers will move him. I would rather just release him than give away the 2nd pick just to unload him.

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I believe if they released

I believe if they released him they still have to pay him unless he gets claimed before going through waivers which no one will do.

Better to trade him or keep him.

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It's unlikely the Wolves would take Brand and the second pick for just the cap space alone. The 50 plus million that Brand is owned would set any team back many years. That 17 mil per season would sign an excellent freeagent this summer. Gay/Boozer maybe, and it is millions more than it cost the Celts to sign Rondo.

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It's more like 17mil a

It's more like 17mil a year...

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