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As a Houston Rockets fan I am incredibly excited for the future of this team. They are on pace to get to the playoffs this year as the top scoring team in the league and having one of the smallest payrolls! NO ONE expected this team to be this good this soon. The young core will only continue to get better each year too. Harden, Lin, Asik, Parsons, Robinson, TJones, Motiejunas, Greg Smith, Honeycutt, and hopefully even Royce White.

Once again they have the potential to make a big splash in the offseason. They will most likely make runs at Josh Smith and/or Dwight Howard and they have the cap to do so. Granted, if they want both they will probably look to trade someone like Asik to be able to keep them, but hey its still a possibility!

Overall, this team is already playoff caliber and they have a budding superstar in Harden who is only 23! They have several young pieces around him and they are really starting to click. They have draft picks and cap space to make some big moves in the offseason. I think they will be in the 4/5 spot in the west next year if they make no big moves and they have the potential with free agents/draft picks/player development to be a top 3 team as soon as next year! Who ever saw this coming after getting rid of BOTH point guards in Lowry and Dragic, Scola, Budinger, Camby, Dalembert, Hill, Flynn, Lee, and Martin!

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Agreed, I'm a big fan of

Agreed, I'm a big fan of Rockets this season and I think they can surprise many in the playoffs. Hope this trade works out for them. I don't see why not if T-Rob could just get his act together.

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Ya he has been a little

Ya he has been a little disappointing so far this year for sure, but he is roughly averaging 5 and 5 in only 16 minutes. Put him in a better organization, an up temp offense, give him starters minutes, surround him with better players and coaching and there is no reason why he cant turn this season around and develop into AT LEAST a 12 and 8 guy with potential to be more like a 17 and 11 guy in a couple years.

Just got to remember he was drafted into a terrible situation. Got inconsistent minutes and shots, took bad shots and had a temper, but look at who he is playing next to... Cousins who shoots bad shots and has a temper lol thats who Robinson looked up to now he has a low post legend coaching him with great player development. This really is one of the best situations he could be put into.

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I like what they have done. I

I like what they have done. I think they will probably make one more trade or sign a great player. Then they will be done or they can just stand pat and hope everyone develops and that is just as good. they will probably take an operating loss for the season after next year because lin and asik have the expensive final years of their deals, so hopefully the owner can put up with that. with out tearing the team apart.

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Houston Rockets

Houston has done an amazing job. Getting Thomas Robinson was icing on the cake... The scary thing is the Rockets have a lot of assets to pull a blockbuster sign and trade for players like Howard or Josh Smith

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It's hard to imagine Houston doing more with the assets they had. They cleverly pried two RFAs away from teams that really wanted to retain them and made two tremendous trades (Harden & Robinson). This team is on path to be a contender very soon. Moreover, their front office has been so good that I almost expect 1-2 more moves improving the team, which again, the general media will not see coming.

On the other hand... poor Kings fans... it's hard to imagine a franchise being more self-destructive than they've been. Shockingly bad decisions over and over again.

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How much would David Stern

How much would David Stern love the ratings if they had to play the Thunder in the playoffs....

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It would be in Howard and smith's best interests to try and sign with Houston this summer, their buddies, so this might not be a shocker if they do try, Houston will have to trade some1 though, probably Asik, but man imagine a Lin Harden Parsons Smith and Howard lineup, that sounds contender to me..

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Rockets can't afford both

Rockets can't afford both Smith and Howard. And let's say they miss on both.. Who do they target? Possibly Milsap?

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I apologize for everything

I apologize for everything I've said about Morey the last two seasons. Finally we have a team!

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I expected this team to be

I expected this team to be this good!!!

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@ Chilbert arenas.... We know

@ Chilbert arenas.... We know they can't get both now. But if they trade Asik and lets say T Rob who they just got to a team for just draft picks ( Salary Dump ) They would have around 25-26 million if they add White then they could offer Howard max money and Smith 11-12 million a season.

But if thats the case I would bet Rockets call the Lakers and offer something like that in a sign and trade. Like what happened with Bron and Bosh....

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I've been talking about

I've been talking about Morey's genius for almost 3 years now, even when everyone was on him about going after Dwight, I knew he had a big picture idea, which is exactly what he's going for. Don't you think a team of Harden, Lin, Parsons, Asik, and now T-Rob would be appealing to guy like Howard or Josh Smith? If Howard really wants out of LA, what better place than Houston where he has a legit star, a bunch of shooters, and another big to battle down low with him(Although Asik and Howard together would be rather problematic) But J-Smoove would be a match made in heaven, it'd be pretty cool to see him and Harden running the break together.

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Only problem with Houston I still have is the large contract they gave to Lin: do you guys think he is worth it?

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I dont think Lin was worth

I dont think Lin was worth that huge contract....But considering the hype surrounding him and the way he played before the injury last season...Alot of people were curious to know if he was that good or was he a product of D'Antonio's system? They had to overpay for his services if they wanted him....I feel he can be a solid starting pg in the nba,his style is similar to Harden in a way...

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Lin's contract has other uses

Lin's contract is definately high for his basketball value.
But.. a) I do think it is still tradeable right now if need be.
b) Maybe the added revenues that his stardome brings into the team make it more likely they could afford the luxury tax in the future. Who knows what ownership would think there, but if Lin helps to make Houston a bigger market team his contract could very well be justified and could be used to improve the team that way.

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I find it interesting that a

I find it interesting that a team that finished two games over .500 last year gets so much praise this year for basically being in the same exact position. They turned everything over to get right back to the exact same place. Their M.O. in recent history has been to be good at home and bad on the road. What are they this year? Good at home, bad on the road. The difference is new faces and a faster pace.

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