Hoping Zion Changes The NBA

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Hoping Zion Changes The NBA

Zion has a chance to longterm change the way basketball is played in the NBA. He could very well bring physicality back to the sport. He's gonna be a brute force physically similar to Shaq pushing people around and bullying people and while you might see a guy like Zach Randolph or Demarcus Cousins rack up a ton of offensive fouls playing this way I think they will let Zion do what he wants to keep him on the court because of how marketable he will be. Im hoping teams only choice is too match up his physicality with other strong players and stop putting 6'7 200 pound guys in forward positions that float on the perimeter. Just a hope though.

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I don't like it.

I always hated what they let Shaq get away with. Bowl a guy over and get the fowl called in your favor. In my over 40 years of NBA fandom, he's the only player I've seen get that call consistently.

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Shaq would consistently get whacked and not get the foul call. Players that are so much stronger than their opponents are difficult to officiate and I could argue that Shaq was fouled on every play.

As far as OPs post goes, I doubt it. The NBA is all about finesse and has gone far away from any type of physical play. With profits up, they will continue to cater to the casual fan.

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Hack-a-shack didn’t work that

Hack-a-shack didn’t work that well because most of the time they couldn’t foul him hard enough to get him to miss the shot.

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I agree, and also letting him

I agree, and also letting him get away with 3 second violations like no other in history...

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he'll be like Lebron, get only 50% of the call he should actually get because he is so damn strong. Sad that being this strong actually works against you in the NBA sometimes

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Shaq was so physically huge

Shaq was so physically huge that to have fouls called on him was always going to be hard. Imagine you had a 1992 Shaq entering today's NBA with most C's being more perimeter orientated. He'd likely be even more dominant than he was in his prime.

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That’s debateable imo. While

That’s debateable imo. While an in his prime shaq would no doubt be a force of nature in any era of basketball, I’m not convinced he would be more dominant now than he was when he played. A lot of the rule changes of the early 2000s were designed to open up the floor and limit the prevelance of back to the basket post up guys. Also, shaq was never really a great defender even in his era, and with so much small ball and pick and roll being run today he’d be forced to defend in space and exposed a lot more on that end.

However, with more shooting and floor spacing it may have made it more difficult to double a player like shaq in today’s league.

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