Hii!! im greg oden..lol Oden or Cousins who will be better??

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Hii!! im greg oden..lol Oden or Cousins who will be better??

I think if he kan get healthy play at least 70 games he will be the 2nd or 3rd best center in the west behind yao n kaman..if not by next season then it will be his 4th year he becomes what we all thot he would..don't give up on em yu know it takes bigs a while to adjust to nba..

Who will be better Oden or Cousins??

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If Oden can stay healthy I'd

If Oden can stay healthy I'd say him (damn I say if he can stay healthy every year)

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Oden when healthy

Oden when healthy any day of the week.

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If he gets injured again next

If he gets injured again next season, I'll lose all faith in him. I just hope he can stay healthy for a full season. He was such a promising talent coming out of college and I think he can still be a solid player in the NBA if he stays healthy.

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bynum if healthy

bynum if healthy

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C'MON son!!!

Cousins would eat Oden alive! Yea okay Oden blocks shots and rebounds, but about 10 big men get drafted every year that do the EXACT same thing.

If it wasn't for Cousins' perceived attitude problem, he would have been the 1st pick without a doubt. He already has polished offensive moves, NBA size and strength, and is probably the best rebounder on his team already. Not to mention that watching him in summer league, he has some ball handling skills and can actually take his man off the dribble...

And most importantly he doesn't look lost on the floor like Greg Oden, you throw the ball in the post to Big Greg and he's more likely to turn it over than score.

Cousins will be a top 5 "true" center by 2011-12 season

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He is a more polished bigman whose game is not predicated on his ahtletic prowess. Counsins could suffer the same injuries as Oden and still be an effective ball player. Oden was more in the Dwight Howard mold, take away his physical gifts there is no way he can make major contributions to a team.

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