High school ball Rankings

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High school ball Rankings

As far as high school ball rankings I would like to know which of the 3 major sites(ESPN,RIVALS,SCOUT) do you guys think are the best. I would say the only thing espn has over the others is the scouting report on a specific prospect but most of their reports are like two years old anyways. I think RIVALS is the best because it always just seems like they get it right especially when projecting how a player will be when he ends up going pro. Espn to me always seems off. Like Ranking Tyus Jones ahead of Jahlil Okafor is crazy to me.Chris Mccullough at 17 is way to low.And there are other questionable rankings. To me Rivals seems to usually hit it on the nose.

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They all provide different

They all provide different insight and opinions on these players who for the most part are PROJECTS. Use all three to help form your own opinion on the player.

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I prefer Rivals too. I don't

I prefer Rivals too. I don't like how Scout and ESPN only rank the top 100, where Rivals ranks the top 150. They seem more accurate too.

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