Height wing span

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Height wing span


shoe size 14 but prefer 13 smaller and lighter

Weight 150

wimgspan 6'11 3/4 to 7'0.I have been this height since 8th foamy history of height is deep my mom is 6'2 to 6'3 and her brother are 6'5 to 6'7my college coach is suprised I haven't grew since he was recruiting me.he believes I'll be 6'5 by 23 but I'm granny is 6'0 her brothers are 6'5 and my grandad is 5' uncles and mom came out tall.the tallest in the family is my great grandma dad who they say was 7'3 and his twin brother was 6' great granny says I'll grow like her brothers from 6'5 to 6' you all believe I'll grow doct told me I have osogood.but my uncle who's 6'5 told me I'll grow probably to 6'4.i mean I have history of family that grew after great grandma is 6'2 but my cousin his mom is 5'9 and dad 5'7 and he's 6'4 but is weird my other cousin he was the same height as me he's now 6'4 and they both wear my 11. told me 6'8 and I was the same height as my cousin who is 6'8 in 9th grade 6'1.then that summer he hit 6'6.a orthopedic gave me a physical and told me it was strange that I'm not taller. Do you think I have room to grow

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