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Who does everyone having winning tonight? With Miami up 2-1, I think this is a must win for the Pacers. I'm gonna say Miami wins tonight and closes the series in 6 at home.

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Defenitely a must win for

Defenitely a must win for Indiana so I expect a good game from them and they pull it out.

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I see Mia winning close

I see Mia winning close with them pulling away in the 4th.

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The Pacers can win, but they

The Pacers can win, but they have to stop beating themselves and just doing stupid ish. Like no more David West chasing around Ray Allen. And if the Heat are going to put Rashard Lewis on West, they have to punish him. Lewis was on West for quite a while and West didn't get one isolation post up opportunity. They were getting him the ball out damn near towards the three point line. It made no sense. D. West is the one guy on the Pacers the Heat have no answer for.

Bigs also aren't stepping up hard enough on D. Wade when he's dribbling off of screens. It's been too easy for him. Vogel is killing the Pacers with his lack of adjustments and coaching.

PG hasn't really done ish. Even before the concussion, he wasn't doing ish. Hibbert's softness last game made me want to puke.

I've never seen a team beat themselves as much as this Pacers team.

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Yep, why West gets 90% of his

Yep, why West gets 90% of his touches at the 3 point line is beyond me. It makes no sense at all. Hibbert needs to start doing some squats cuz good lord his legs are crazy weak

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