heat free agents.

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heat free agents.

As we all know the heat have very little cap space and will need more role players to three peat. I think there biggest need is a shot blocker and a hustle rebounder. I think Miami's two biggest targets should be Tyler Hansborough as a rebounding tough pf and Samuel Dalambert as the shot blocking center. If they could get lucky enough I think And ray Blatche could provide low post scoring. Some of these guys might be overpriced it all depends on the market but I think the heat will come back better next year.

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I know it's unreal but...

I would love to see Greg Oden playing for them. In limites minutes at firs,. Taking it slow. But i would love to see that guy playing and contributing, even if it is a little, for a title. He deserves a break.

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Tyler Hansborough

There is no wasy Tyler Hansborough signs withth Heat, the only way that would happen is if the Pacers treated him like shit. He has always been going at it with the Heat when they play, I highly doubt he would want to go there.

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Hansborough isn't going

Hansborough isn't going anywhere...he will be an RFA and the Pacers won't let him go especially with some uncertainty about David West coming back. They already have Birdman as a shotblocking center and I would imagine he will return. They don't need much in case you didn't just watch them repeat.

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They need a center. I don't

They need a center. I don't expect them to want to play the Pacers with Hibbert dominating again. Make their lives a lot easier if they had one.

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they need a big center that

they need a big center that can bang. Chris Andersen is a shot blocker, bosh is a finesse big, and they have very little grit and toughness...Lebron's their heaviest player

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Hansborough is the same size

Hansborough is the same size and skill set as Udonis, what good does that do?

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They don't have cap space for Hansbrough or Dalembert

They do have the rights to Justin Hamilton , which they purchased last year, meaning they must have some faith he can develop. He doesn't need to give them major minutes.

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The Heat free agents

The Heat free agents are
1.Mario Chalmers(Team Option)
2.Chris Anderson
3.Ray Allen(Has Player Option)
4.James Jones
5.Juwan Howard(expected to retire)
6.Jarvis Varnado

I'm pretty sure Chalmers will be resigned...

Birdman needs to be resign..He fits what they need rebounding,he's aggressive,can block shots,high energy, teammates and the fans love him...But he can be a loose cannon,but he seemed to be a good soldier since being with the Heat....Birdman played great doing the playoffs..I hope he doesnt make the same mistake Kenyon Martin made last season and think he's worth more then he is..Martin didnt get signed after palying good for the Clippers in the playoffs..And becuz of that he said he was expecting a huge payday.....

There were rumors Ray Allen wanted to go back to Boston..Im not sure he wants to go there now,that Doc ,KG and Pierce expected to leave...

They dont have much money to do much..But the lure of playing with Lebron and the possibility of winning a ring,could entice a free agent to take a pay cut to go there.......

Oden fits with they need...A rookie like Dedmon might be good..He can block shots,a good defender and has the size to matchup with guys like Hibbert.......

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Repeat Heat

First they have to resign Birdman. Great fit for that team as a third big. He can play the 4 or the 5 and is the team's best shot blocker and best big man finisher at the rim.

Second, they have to convince Ray Allen and Shane Battier not to retire. Even though their retirements would free up some money, they are still highly valued players for the Heat. Mike Miller is another guy that they would have to replace if he calls it quits.

Haslem isn't getting any younger and I think he is better now as a fourth or fifth big man. That's why Psycho T would be a good pickup if they could get him. Psycho T would be another energy guy inside and he can pick up some rebounds and points. I think Psycho T could be a Nick Collison kind of guy who can bang, rebound, defend, and even put some points on the board.

I like LeBron, Bosh, and Birdman as their big man rotation at the 4 and 5 spots. If Battier returns that gives them another guy who can play the four. But, they need another inside guy (especially if Battier retires). Haslem would then be a solid fifth big man who could give them 5 to 10 minutes a night. But, the Spurs were a tough matchup for him. Duncan is huge and the best power forward ever. Other than that, the Spurs didn't have a true power forward out there and mostly went with one big out there with four shooters. Haslem wasn't big enough to bang with Splitter or quick enough to do anything with Kawhi Leonard. Then Boris Diaw draws big men outside. Worst possible matchup for Haslem though. The Thunder are better, with no legit inside threat (Serge Ibaka is very good but also more limited offensively than Duncan. Ibaka is also shorter) and a couple of 6-9ish bangers with limited skills and athleticism (Perkins and Collison), and are guys that Haslem matches up better against.

Then the Heat just need to add shooters. Another guy on the wing and, ideally, a stretch four like Steve Novak. If Rashard Lewis has anything left he should be more of a help next year.

The Heat could use a legit, pass-first point guard so a guy like Peyton Siva would be good, but I don't see him falling out of the draft. They might be better off going for a veteran guy as a third point guard who they can use as a spot player. Somebody like Keyon Dooling might be the best use of their 12th or 13th spot on the roster.

Their core is set (LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Chalmers, and Birdman if he resigns) and with at least one of their veteran shooters returning (Allen, Battier, Miller), along with Haslem as big man depth, they have a rotation that is good to go. They just might need tweak their roster a bit and add some more youth. But, that is about it.

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Timofey Mosgov is a guy I

Timofey Mosgov is a guy I look into

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I think andrey blatche would

I think andrey blatche would be a decent fit for a NBA minimum contract, he said he was going to take that because the wizards are still paying him 7 million a year and the more money he signs for the less the wizards pay, which is why he said he said he wanted to take the NBA minimum.

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