Hawks sign Armoni Brooks

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Hawks sign Armoni Brooks

The hawks signed shooting guard Armoni Brooks to an exhibit 10 deal. I’m thrilled. Boldly, I couldn’t believe he wasn’t drafted. I feel he’ll be a successful undrafted player in a few years. He reminds me of Ben Gordon. Houston amd Texas tech were enjoyable to watch last year relying on defensive intensity to win.

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Little bit of Lou Williams on

Little bit of Lou Williams on the offensive end. Not physically intimidating, but fearless and physical with the ball and can put it in from anywhere. Probably won't be quite as prolific and natural of a scorer, but he takes very good care of the ball. Not even averaging a whole TO per game in college.

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He'll have a battle to make

He'll have a battle to make their final 15 man squad though as they have 16 players already on their roster.

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It doesn’t surprise me he

It doesn’t surprise me he wasn’t drafted. He’s undersized for the 2 and hasn’t shown the ability to operate as a pg. Playmaking skills were basically nonexistent in college (less than one assist per game). But the hawks do really value shooting and thats one thing he can definitely do as he shot close to 40% on a very high volume of 3s. Can he carve out a Jodie Meeks type role at the next level? Probably somewhat of a long shot to make the roster in Atlanta but a guy worth keeping an eye on.

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troy daniels

kind of reminds me of troy daniels; UDFA who worked his way into rotational player with shooting and defense. similar stat lines in college as well and both played for uptempto/defense-to-transition type styles in UH and VCU.

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