Having affro advantages?

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Having affro advantages?

Hello everyone, future_scout back in tha house.

Me and my friends were talking about the advantages of looking taller when you have an affro, but how about area coverage? Given someone had a huge 'fro wouldnt that give the person being defendend at the top key a blocked view of whats going on behing the 'fro, therefore giving the 'fro an unfair advantage.

Remember when they banned Wades sun glasses he wore because of migranes? Supposedly he had the unfair advantage of hiding his eyes behind the dark shaders which made him less predictable.

Should 'fros be banned? Maybe having a set lenght to which your hair can come up to.

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It Did Work for......


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Would you have wanted the job

Would you have wanted the job of telling Ben Wallace to cut his hair?

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Random a$$ bump

Random a$$ bump

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I actually don't mind the

I actually don't mind the logic in the OP.

I've got a friend who has huge hair, and when she sits in the passenger side of my car, it majorly obstructs my vision of oncoming traffic.

One could also say that a Scottie Pippen sized nose could also work to block the eye-line of passing lanes.

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