Haven't seen a Gerald Green post in a while.

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Haven't seen a Gerald Green post in a while.

Does anyone think after his year in europe he can come back and find a spot in the NBA? In the right situation I still think he could be a good player. He can provide scoring and he always had a knack for playing the passing lanes.

A team with a strong coach or a good nucleus of players, he could fit.
I think he would be a good fit for the bucks, catching alley's from Young Buck, and scoring off the bench. Scott skiles strong coach, keep him in check. Maybe making up for the lost? of John Salmons.

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Does everyone think John

Does everyone think John Salmons is leaving? I have just always assumed that he resign with the Bucks.

I think Gerald Green came make a successful come back, he just needs to go to a team where he has a good point guard so he doesn't have to use his lack of basketball IQ. Jennings can be that guy.

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Meh, I'm a bit skeptical, its

Meh, I'm a bit skeptical, its an intriguing situation, much similar to Marcus Haislip's return to the NBA last season. A guy with immense athletic ability, hones his game overseas and has success, but in Haislip's case last year (although it be on a good team) he only had a minimal impact. The right situation may help his cause, but unless Green's Bball IQ has improved greatly over the past year I doubt his impact.

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There is a better chance of LeBron signing with the Wolves (and we know that would never happen) than Gerald Green has of ever being an effective NBA player. He's dumb.... he's got physical gifts, no brain.

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he died r.i.p.

he died r.i.p.

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