Harrison Barnes

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Harrison Barnes

He hasn't lived up to the hype, but the guy is CLUTCH.

He had the game winning 3 pointer and before that a tough 18 footer with a hand is face. Dude strives in final minutes when the game is on the line- now he needs to start playing like that for 40 minutes. Still needs to work on his handle and shot selection-

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There is no doubt in my mind that he will develop into a fantastic pro player, but he is really fraustrating to watch in college. He has a bad shot selection and is very passive, but for some reason forces shots when he actually gets looks. He played really well in the final minute. Hopefully he gains some confidence and this turns into consistency.

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He hasn't lived up to the

He hasn't lived up to the hype, but the guy is CLUTCH.

- Can he have a great game first? I mean, being clutch ( which is arguable because being clutch doesn't only mean hitting game winning jumpers) but he's not complete. He's not a great scorer, he's a decent rebounder and overall, he's just a solid college player, not a great one IMO.

I really think he should have went to Duke. Not because I'm a Duke fan, but because Coach K would have covered his weaknesses and allowed him to play with other great college players who have experience. I think he would have benefit from that instead of joining the kids of UNC.

I think he's still a potential #1 pick, but he's gonna need some better games and to up that 11.8 ppg average.

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I can't wait until everyone

I can't wait until everyone who has hated on him starts to jump on the bandwagon once he starts playing well....

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^Agreed, even with Barnes not

^Agreed, even with Barnes not having the superb season everyone was predicting him to have, I am still a fan of his, he has all the talent and skill, he just needs to learn how to put it to the right use at the college level to become consistent and show everyone he is more then capable of becoming a good player or maybe even great at the pro level. He has the work ethic, maturity and dedication, but as of now it'll take time for him to truly show what he is capable of.

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