Harison Barnes is cold blooded.

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Harison Barnes is cold blooded.

Did any body see that 3 the Harrison Barnes nailed to be Florida State tonight? What a good game. UNC almost gave it away, they were down 69 to 70 until Barnes knocked down a 3 with 5 or 6 sec. left. I think this is his 3rd time hitting the game winning shot of UNC. With his ability to hit big shots and his solid play of late, he should move back up to the number 1 spot where he belongs.

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I wouldnt go as far as saying

I wouldnt go as far as saying he should be the top pick. I still think if he came out he would go top 10. Hopefully he can build on his late game success and become a great player for 40 minutes. I think he should come back another year at UNC(as well as John Henson) where they can compete for a championship but more importantly grow as a player. I can still see him being a very good NBA player, good enough to warrant a top 5 pick if he shows more consistency.

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