Hard to ever question Pop but...

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Hard to ever question Pop but...

That run started right when Ginobili entered the game at the end of the third. Pop doesn’t make many mistakes but Danny Green was playing phenomenal on both ends.

Maybe Manu had too much tequila last night, south beach could do it to ya haha.

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Ginobili had a terrible game,

Ginobili had a terrible game, but I think the Heat came into this game with a better mentality to take one before they set off to the Spurs' homecourt for the next 3 games.

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He looked like he forgot how

He looked like he forgot how to dribble the basketball. He had 3 turnovers in only 18 minutes.

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I usually always trust what

I usually always trust what Pop does, but I was really confused why he didn't use any timeouts when the run started to stop the momentum. They had 4 left at the end of the 3rd and Pop let them play it out. Didn't work.

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I was suuprised by the poor coaching.

I also thought that one big problem in their strategy was that they were so focused on stopping Lebron, they ignored everyone else.

I thought the big way to be the Heat was to let Lebron have his, and deny everyone else. I hope Pop realizes this and makes adjustments. That, and play Danny Green more. A 3 would have been timely to kill a Heat run.

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Pop probably didn't call

Pop probably didn't call timeouts because it was mainly the Spurs' unfortunate combination turnovers and bad shooting up to that point that had already taken them out of the game as far as winning.

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I think the only way to beat the heat is to not turn the ball over at all..and you can't let them get into their groove in transition..the defense was good but..they turned the ball over way more than game 1 and the score comparison shows it just ask Indiana..
Also I think there would have been some sort of carry over effect if Manu would have been benched..hes been slumping but hes given pretty solid minutes its not like Green would have single handedly stopped a 33-5 run it was more about letting his team get run ragged in the third.

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Danny Green wouldn't have

Danny Green wouldn't have single handedly stopped the run but I don't think the run would have been so big with Green in the game. A big 3 could have changed everything the way the game was going. Also, I'm a huge Manu fan but this guy is falling apart game by game, makes you wonder how much he has left in the tank this could be his last year...

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i think him being 5 for 5

i think him being 5 for 5 from beyond the arc, probably could have done a lot more than manu.

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