Hall-of-Fame thoughts

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Hall-of-Fame thoughts

Hi there. Put me down for Rick Pitino, Jerry Tarkanian, Bernard King, Maurice Cheeks, Tim Hardaway and Gary Payton. Don't know much about the sisters nominated and not sure Tom Heinsohn is worthy. By the way, my Wizards should sign J-Smoove for 5 years, $100 million and trade Nene and Ariza to free up cap space. A sign-and-trade. Dunleavy and Jack would be nice adds and still love Withey on board. My two cents. Take care. Thanks.

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??? I can't believe any team

I can't believe any team will really offer J-Smooth 20 mil a year but I think if any team with enough cap room is dumb enough the Wizards are in the mix.

If Washington really thinks this should solve any problems long term I feel sorry for John Wall and hope he signes a qualifiying offer and becomes a URFA the year after once his rookie contract expires.

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Is it just me, or does

Is it just me, or does anybody think the Hall of Fame puts in too many players every year. It's getting pretty watered down. The only players I want to see get in this year are Payton and King with Pitino and Tarkanian as coaches.

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Yeah they do. I wouldn't have

Yeah they do. I wouldn't have a problem with people not getting in every year so that only the truly elite players do get in.

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Bruh. How the &$#%#&@! you go

Bruh. How the &$#%#[email protected]! you go from HoF to "and yea the wizards should throw a max at josh smith"

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How about the likes of Coach

How about the likes of Coach Poppovich and Coach Karl, they are both well into their 60's and should surely be HOF considered by now. Both are older than Coach Pinto although he's deserving of HOF and Coach Tark is long overdue in my opinion. The Glove will surely get in at first time of asking too.

As regards Washington with a healthy team they are moving the right way and with Wall playing they are over .500 (23-19) this year. With the right draft pick this year they could well be ready for a play off run next year if the younger guys continue to develop and Wall and Nene stay fit.

Plus they could not sign Josh Smith to a 5 year deal, only Atlanta can.

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