Guo Ailun

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Guo Ailun

I've been following Guo since the 2010 FIBA World Championships when he played against the Team USA with MKG, Beal and Drummond. He even made the Chinese national team as a 16 year old in the last world championships and played in this last summer's Olympics. He is currently averaging around 15 points in China and dropped 35 against T-Mac earlier this season. Last fall he was close to signing a deal to play in Greece for Panathinaikos until his Liaoning Dinosuars held him out. He's a 6'4 combo guard with a strong get to the basket ability. Does anybody see NBA potential in this guy or will he be another Nikos Pappas who can be successful overseas but never get drafted?

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i guess people neg the unknown

it's a good question. why you would get negged for simply asking a question i have no idea. i like to go on for information and this is somewhat of an unknown. my impression in what little i have seen him is that he is surprisingly very fast and quick and can drive the ball and finish with both hands. i'm not sure he is nba ready. he has some holes still. can work on his range and defense and can distribute more. but he can take about anyone off the dribble and can score.

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