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Warriors get: Robert Covington, Josh Okogie, Jeff Teague, 2nd round pick

Minnesota Gets: DAngelo Russell & salary filler if needed

So I couldn't fully work out the details because the ESPN trade machine is buggy due to it being the off-season and also that Russell can't be traded until I believe post December 15th but it shakes up to be about 33 mil from the T-Wolves vs 27 mil from the Warriors and I'm sure they could throw in some filler if need be.

We know Minnesota is desparate for a point and would love to pair towns with Russell. This gives the Warriors a player that fits really well in to what the do with pace and space in RoCo, a young athletic energetic wing defender in Okogie, and a large expiring contract in Teague plus a pick. They could maybe even bargain a heavily protected 1st rounder to throw in instead or Culver instead of Okogie since Russell is a young rising All-Star though I'm still not sure about how teams feel about him on a Max Deal.

What do you guys think? Personally I think this works out for both teams to help Minny reload and help turn Russell in to the tradeable asset the Warriors seem like the picked him up to be.

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Warriors would laugh at

Warriors would laugh at this..

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People don't realize that D

People don't realize that D low is only 23 for some reason. Steph Curry was playing in the rookie sophomore game at the same age. No doubt the Warriors want him to be the "next Steph Curry"

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This is laughables

There's no way MN gives up all that to get Russell. Not when GS is going to be looking to get rid of him when Thompson is healthy. The new management in MN has a vision and getting bent over the table is not part of it.

It's always interesting how many trades come up on here. People need to get out and enjoy the weather and sit around and come up with these silly trades that will never, ever happen.

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1. DLo is clearly more

1. DLo is clearly more valuable than what MIN would be giving up. By no means is this "getting bent over the table"

2. The weather comment was crude and childish.

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Dont propose a trade on unless

You wanna get negged. 95% of actual NBA trades would get destroyed on this site. I would personally just be pissed at D Lo if this happened. You cant just sign with us? You have to gut our team first?

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