Griffin monitoring Sterling's actions as owner

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Griffin monitoring Sterling's actions as owner

Griffin Monitoring Sterling's Actions As Owner
Mar 19, 2011 11:29 AM EDT

Blake Griffin is concerned with the way Donald Sterling manages the Clippers and is monitoring the situation, according to sources.

Sterling recently testified in Elgin Baylor's lawsuit against the Clippers for wrongful termination and the owner also had a mishap related to an advertisement for Black History Month that was actually scheduled for March and included Griffin's picture.

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Blake for President?

Blake Griffin for ower and star player of the Clippers!!!! lol. If Blake Griffin ran for president I'd vote for him anyday over Obama or whoever runs aganst him.

Sterling is an idiot that had a good idea to bring the Clippers to LA but because of his attitude of only caring about money and not winning games he ruined it. He should be ran out of management and the Clippers need to relocate. Hopefully Seattle. Those fans need another team to root for, they weren't very happy when the Sonics left for OKC.

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Clippers Fans

Does the fact that your owner, Donald Sterling, just testified that he did not know who Elgin Baylor was when he hired him not make you seriously question your allegiance to this franchise? I mean, I feel bad if you are a die hard Clipper fan since they were in San Diego, but for quite a while, their has been another team in LA. Jerry Buss knew who Jerry West was, I will tell you that much. I know, at the end of the day people will say, "He signs the checks, they do not care". Well, when that same owner had no idea that his awful GM was an NBA All-Time Great, it has to make you think. Is he going to change his ways? Thus far, other than to falling into Blake Griffin, and surrounding him with young talent, which he always seems to have but never seems to keep, he has yet to shown any ability to be a winning owner. If I were Blake Griffin, I would be seriously watching him too. If anyone can screw things up, it is a guy who knew Elgin Baylor as "some guy who was working at a mail order company". I did not see anyone bring this up on the board, but, WOW! Was this not shocking to anyone? Would you want to play for him unless you had too? He is lucky his team is in LA, because if it were in a smaller market, they would be fighting for all-time losses in a season every year.

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Keep doing dumb things

Keep doing dumb things Sterling because in the future it will benifit the Lakers:)

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The guy makes me sick. He

The guy makes me sick. He has the right to run his basketball team any way he wants, but can and should aren't always the same thing. The guy changed his name to "Sterling" because he wanted it to represent the best. What an incredible douche.

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