Greg Smith - PF

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Greg Smith - PF

I was able to spend a week at the Impact training facility and watch and dissect Greg Smith's game. After watching and analyzing, I think and several other observers felt the same way, he is the MOST intriguing prospect in the upcoming draft. Greg is going to surprise. I also took the time to watch several of his games at Fresno State and realize that the guard play there was probably the worst in the country. Hence, his pedestrian numbers. This is the reason Greg is fighting an uphill battle. Nevertheless, do NOT be surprised to hear his name called in the 1st round in June....

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I will indeed be surprised if I hear his name in the first round. It isn't a shock that he looks good in a workout setting, but what team would risk giving such an unproven player a guaranteed contract?

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This draft is so bad that I

This draft is so bad that I would probably draft him in late 1st round just base on his potential. The dude got the physical gifts, but is his head ok? If so, then locking up 2 years of late 1st round rookie scale ain't really much. It's less than a million a year, even lower than vet minimum. I would rather invest in a young 7-footer @ under a mil a year than to waste money on a proven 3rd-string big for vet min.

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I think he will get drafted. Guys that have the potential to be a competent true Center in the league are the hardest thing to find in the draft, so in an off year, it would make sense for a team to draft a prospect with size and athleticism. Smith is mostly a body right now from what I've read, but I've heard he is explosive and has real good measurables. He seems like a decent sign and place candidate, maybe in the second round. I think wiht a lockout coming, it makes more sense to sign prospects and give them time to develop then overdraft for instant impact guys.

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u THINK he's going to get

u THINK he's going to get drafted??? dude, it's def. a forgone conclusion. where is the better question. If he's there mid 2nd round and you need a big man, u go with smith or like rick jackson? come on man.....

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i always wonder why freseno

i always wonder why freseno state not better in basketball last few years with smith for 2 years and paul george.

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I still think after he works

I still think after he works out with teams he will be a 2nd round pick.

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there was a guy here who come

there was a guy here who came up with great comparison for him imo, he said he remind Jeff Pendergraph, and i think like Pendergraph who went early second also Smith could go, teams would like him based on his size and physical ability!

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