Granger injury good...?

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Granger injury good...?

I am a massive Pacers fan and this may sound weird but I feel this is a good thing. We finally get to see what George and Hibbert truly are. At this point the answer isn't good, but hopefully we can come away with a high draft pick and find a GOD DAM GO-To Scorer.

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This injury has a silver

This injury has a silver lining. Not only will George and Hibbert have expanded roles, but we can see what Lance Stephenson is actually made of.

I never want to say an injury is a good thing, especially since Granger is a good player but maybe this will push Paul George to be the best player on the team like we know he can be.

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Danny Granger's injury equals

Danny Granger's injury equals losing, so how can that be good? The Pacers are a middle of the pack team without Granger, so they're not getting a high draft pick.

I live in the city of Indianapolis. The Pacers support is at an all-time high. Probably the highest it's been since the Reggie Miller days. People are actually wearing Pacers t-shirts and jerseys again. People are filling up the arena again... The team is making money. Losing isn't going to help that. The Pacers can't beat the Heat, nobody in the East (or maybe the NBA) can, but the Pacers are a top three team in the East with Granger.

Who gives a F about Lance Stephenson (He's a role player at best)... And we're seeing what Roy Hibbert and Paul George are made out of. Hibbert is a good center, BUT not close to an elite one. George is a guy who people think should be a star due to the physical attributes he possesses, but he just lacks the aggressiveness to be that guy. He's not that skilled. He'll never be a superstar player. He's a #2 or #3 option at best.

So no... There's nothing good about this. Not for the team or the city.

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