Gortat to Spurs ?

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Gortat to Spurs ?


Jordan Schultz, a sports columnist for the Huffington Post, reports that the Spurs are in "serious negotiations with [the Suns] to acquire Marcin Gortat."
According to the report, which has yet to be confirmed, the deal would center around either a Tiago Splitter sign-and-trade, or a deal involving Boris Diaw and other pieces. It's an interesting proposition for both teams, but we'll reserve further judgment until the trade talks have been confirmed.


I thought NO were maybe going to trade Eric Gordon to the Suns for Gortat as the suns were pretty keen on getting Gordon. Getting Holiday and putting in a big offer on Tyreke I would assume Gordon is on the way out.

A team of Holiday/Reke/Vasquez/Aminu/Ant Davis and Gortat would be solid.

I usually like Splitter but he did not impress me in the Finals, I would of thought the Spurs would have to give up more than just him to acquire the Polish Hammer....

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Suns could get more than just

Suns could get more than just Diaw or Splitter. They're in full on rebuild mode and neither of those two would be part of their future.

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now why can't OKC make a move

now why can't OKC make a move for him he would fit us perfectly since he can hit the mid-range the floor spacing would be good especially better than what we have with perkins

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PHX might ask for Lamb &

PHX might ask for Lamb & PJIII, players OKC might be reluctant to part with..

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That's nonsense. PJ3 and

That's nonsense. PJ3 and another prospect is a bargain for what Gortat could do for this teams championship aspirations.

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OKC is horribke for not going

OKC is horribke for not going after a solid center like gortat, or even splitter. It's sad management will run this great team to the ground

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The same management that is

The same management that is praised for building this team up? HA, trust me, Sam Presti knows what he is doing.

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