Good idea to trade Rubio?

Do you think it would be smart to trade Rubio even though he has so much "promise" and give up on trying to bring him in with already a number of point guards on the roster. Also with the possibility of Kyrie Irving coming in next year (you honestly never know with the twolves..). I think we should trade Rubio to New York or LA to a bigger market team where he would like going and we could get a valuable pick/player from either team. Because let's face it, the wolves don't need anymore point guards or problems since they keep drafting point guards, athletic and tall small forwards that just end up playing shooting guard. Does anyone else think the wolves just need a good center or shooting guard, or just someone that can play off of Kevin Love to benefit him or even someone that can score consistently and stay healthy all year?

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We should keep rubio he is

We should keep rubio he is gonna bring life to the wolves with his passing . and will help get Kevin Love in his spot up shots . with him doing the pick and rolls.

Irving he is good but ill go with Rubio come on this guy Irving played college Rubio play team USA. come on. who would u pick, RUBIO. And we need to draft a Center. And that can be Dontas HE entered the draft last year but pulled out when he found out he probably wouldnt be a top lottery pick., Dontas is left handed and can knock down the 3 . HE gonna need to add weight butt he probably already doing that.

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Keep him

I agree with cstyle, Rubio has great potential, why not trade another piece Flynn, and or irving if we draft him. Remember we don't have our first pick next year(Jaric trade) might not be a bad idea to try and resolve that. We probably won't draft anyone worth anything but sooner or later we have to draft better then a role player, right?

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