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I don't know about all of you, but I'm just happy the Warriors won. Iggy really stepped up. Mozgov really surprised me for Cleveland with his offense. I'm glad that Steph had an okay game and I think that he will just get better. Who surprised all of you guys in last night's game?

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Well I was surprised that

Well I was surprised that Bogut didn't get any minutes , and Mozgov did have a great game but Lebron was stopped and they won the game and that's all that matters

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Bogut got 2 minutes, and he used them to get 3 fouls. Don't get me wrong I love Bogut, and he's one of my top 5 centers in the league, but he's been nothing short of atrocious in this series.

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I'm really glad Harrison

I'm really glad Harrison Barnes played a better game.

If he can keep hitting those open looks in the corner like has all season then I think it's a wrap.

Really glad the Warriors won, let's hope they can put the pressure on Cleveland with a win in game 5.

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Gifted the Ship this year

I wonder if GSW wins if they will vote the MVP for Kelly Olynk. The cavs are so crippled right now just shows how good of a team they were when fully healthy. Do your eally think GSW would win if 2 of their 3 best players were hurt and a player who averages a doubel double like AV.

Kuods to warriors they will win this year but we all know who the better team is when healthy that is obviouss.

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I love when I hear this

I love when I hear this narrative. Yes, Love being out sucks, but don't forget how good CLE became as a unit without him. They've been the best rebounding and defensive team without him, and have played with way more urgency. If anything it's the Kyrie injury that should be talked about.

Also, I don't think people care about stuff like this, and it will be a non-factor going forward if GS wins. For example, Tim Duncan is considered one of the greatest players of all time, and those Spurs teams are considered some of the best assembled teams of all time, but they've def. caught a break in some instances.

Does anyone talk about how the Spurs won their first ring in 1999 by beating a Knicks team without Pat Ewing? Ewing was still a game changer back then averaging almost 17/10 for the year, and probably would have helped contain Duncan, and the outrageous 27 ppg he averaged that series. Does anyone talk about how injured Wade was last year?

No one talks about it, because no one cares. The two teams who made it to the finals are there for a reason, and winning it is just the cap off to an already incredible season. If either team wins, it will be a great story, and injuries or other circumstances should not deminish that feat.

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nah, i still think warriors

nah, i still think warriors win. The cavs would be better, but i think the biggest difference through 3 games is the cavs wanted it more and the warriors just felt like they could win based on talent. Game 4 we finally saw the warriors play hard and they blew the cavs out. If the cavs were at full strength, i think both teams bring it from the start and the warriors still prove to be better team instead of relaxing.

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Yeah, I think Warriors

Yeah, I think Warriors actually match up better with a full strength Cavaliers team.

TT wouldn't be given the same huge role, Love would be bringing his terrible D to the fore, Irving would be taking possessions away from Lebron with his isolation plays.

There would be so many more flaws on the Cavs team defensively with Love and Irving in and they aren't going to be running with these Warriors.

Golden State would win a shoot-out in my opinion.

If the Warriors win, it'll suck that we never got to see them go against a full-strength Cavs team, but I think they'd be able to handle them given how important the guys who have stepped up in their absences have been in Love and Thompson.

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If the Warriors win in 6 it will be kind of anticlimactic. Being pretty neutral I started rooting for the underdog Cavaliers and kind of wanted to see an incredible story of Lebron leading the Cavs with a depleted team lacking superstars. Warriors are much better team and if they beat the weak Cavs in 6 in more blowouts it would be a bummer.

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I'm just happy to see the

I'm just happy to see the Warriors play their game again. The underdog story of the Cavs was cool,but the Warriors played horribly. Now they're back to being the Warriors,Barnes is hitting shots again,Curry is hitting shots,Green is hitting shots,and one of my favorite players in the NBA. ANDRE I-GUO-DALA(Ian Eagle voice). This guy can do it all,especially win games.

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LeBron got outplayed the

LeBron got outplayed the entire game and I doubt that happens again. He is going to get 2 days of rest instead of the 1 and that should help more than anything. Everyone on the Cavs just looked exhausted from the start of the game. I really hope this series goes 7 games because outside of game 4 this has been the most exciting basketball I have witnessed.

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Steph isnt going off because

Steph isnt going off because thats Cleveland's game plan. Its amazing to me he can still score 20 with the way they're playing him. Klay too, but Klay played a great game regardless, only took about 9 shots but moved the ball extremel way and played solid D. Cavs are banking on no one outside of the two being able to beat them and it killed em today, along with the fact the Cavs just couldnt hit shots and were playing to GSW pace.

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Iggy played great. David Lee

Iggy played great.

David Lee played very well too.

Draymond Green doesn't look like a max contract guy. Good 3rd option, GREAT 4th option.

The Cavs needed more than 1 night off.

The reshuffled Finals schedule will really hurt the Cavs. In the old days, Game 5 would be at home. NOW, it is on the road. So, they will be the underdogs in game 5. Then they have to win BOTH games 6 (at home) and 7 (back on the road).

5 at home would mean they could go up 3-2 and only needing a split going back to GS with all the pressure on the Warriors.

The Warriors are loaded. If they can resign their guys they could be looking at a mini-dyansty.

The Cavs are in great shape going forward too, if Kevin Love resigns or if they get an upgrade at power forward (LaMarcus Aldridge?). LMA, TT, and Mozgov could be an even better 3 big man rotation. Then I guess Varejao would be coming back too... who knows? LMA is bigger, taller, and longer, and can also play center.

We could very easily see a rematch in next year's Finals.

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