Go ahead and make the "create a mock draft" feature live

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Go ahead and make the "create a mock draft" feature live

Last year it was absolutely embarrassing how long it took nbadraft.net to get this feature live.

This site could seriously treat its visitors better this year by making this feature go live by the early part of the new year.

I think the most frustrating part is we're never really clued in as to why every year this feature takes longer and longer to come alive than the last.

To me, it's an ambition issue. I'm sure the Google adsense provides a nice passive monthly income and there's no real incentive for Aran and company to make any changes.

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I think a lot of the things

I think a lot of the things on this site the fans used to love are going away. We still live and die by the forums but it's a bummer how the create your own draft seems to go up later and later every year, the prospects profiles seem to get put up less and less (some first rounders almost after the draft), and the rankings seem to be very rarely updated through out the year (especially the high school and international ones).

I get that the guys really learned and refined the process over the years and even openly admitted about the over hyping of unknowns back in the day like a lot of other sites but the more time they seem to be putting in the more they miss on some of our favorite features.

I don't think its an effort thing honestly. So much work goes in to the conference blogs for example and the AAU tourneys when they spring up. Personally though I loved all the info we could get on high school and international prospects on this site and hell I love a good ranking or list as much as anyone. I can go anywhere to find updates on college players. But I've always trusted this site the most to give me everything else from a pro angle. Scount and Rivals are interesting but they only relate their players to the college level where nbadraft was unique because they'd rate these kids against their pro prospects.

It's like saying we care about college but we don't care about college and I agree. I don't care about college ball as much anymore because a lot of the best players are gone. Hopefully they'll go back to their roots a little more soon if a lot of us feel this way.

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