Give the power back to the coaches

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Give the power back to the coaches

Is anybody else getting tired of NBA coaches getting fired after one or two years?

I think way to much power is going to the players now days. Its like when a team isn't playing well the first thing to get is the coach. How bout re-tuning the roster first? Two years MAY be a good amount of time to get a feel for what direction the coach will take the team, but GM's can't not expect Roam to be built in a day. Coaches should be more empowered, have more say in sculpting the team (via draft, trade and free agency). It must be nice as a player knowing if things aren't going your way you can just walk in the front office and say "either he's gone or I'm out". Now days as a coach anything shy of a championship means you're in trouble come the off season.

All I'm saying is how about instead of making roster moves and hiring a coach into a winning situation, how bout we give them more time to create a winning situation. Unless a coach is CLEARLY doing something very wrong no coach should be fired in just one short year.

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