Give credit where credit is due.

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Give credit where credit is due.

As Dame Lillard said: "And this is why I have so much respect for Bron...seeing some of the things y'all say about him. The hate is really real lol... Y'all are crazy!"

Dame Lillard said it as simple as it can be.

(I'm a Heat fan since D-Wade came over and LJ)

I'm just tired of people criticizing LeBron or the Heat and rooting for the Spurs because they just don't want to see the Heat win and because their team isn't in the finals, but come on, can we just enjoy Basketball and give credit where credit is due.

LeBron is an amazing player (top 5 probably), but the Spurs were just great all year long, I think they deserve this title, especially TD and Kawhi, I'm happy for them, and even if they would have lost, I'd still be a fan of their game, the way the Spurs play is simply amazing. As a basketball fan, I love those kind of game, unselfishness, good D, well, what b-ball should be actually.

We saw 4+1 (LJ, Wade, TP, TD and Kawhi) players going at each others, and I'm very thankful that we have those players in the League.

I even had goosebumps when I saw TD so happy and Pop smiling :)

Well guys, it's been a hell of season, but don't worry, the Heat will be back :)

Take care y'all. (sorry for my english, I'm from Swiss...)

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