Gilbert Arenas and Joe Johnson

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Gilbert Arenas and Joe Johnson

This may be rather unintelligent, and I may get points subtracted, but here goes...

Joe Johnson is almost certainly on his way out of Atlanta...there's almost no chance that management wants him back, or that he wants to be back...he gets a better deal (more years and more money) if they can pull off a sign and trade, and Atlanta would be happy if it could get a good player/players back in return for him, so a sign and trade would be better off for everybody.

In terms of a sign and trade, Atlanta could make a deal with Washington for Arenas; Washington is going to draft Wall in the lottery, which leaves Gilbert either playing the 2, or on his way out. Gilbert's undersized for the 2, and needs the ball in his hands to be effective, so I don't know how well he can play with Wall. Johnson would be perfect for this team in terms of an SG; he can guard the other 2s, and can play off the ball or on the ball.

There are several reasons why this can't/won't happen; Washington has cap room, and can try to sign Johnson outright, and Atlanta might not want to take on Gilbert's really, really bad contract. Atlanta also already has Mike Bibby manning the point. But Bibby's getting old, doesn't play defense, and Teague could use some more experience; Arenas is an upgrade over Bibby in any situation, and I think he could mesh well with Atlanta.

Bibby would then be expendable; he could be traded to the Pacers (who need a PG) for expiring contracts or young talent. The Pacers would then be free to use the 10th pick on something other than a PG. Again, the Pacers may not want to do this deal; they're looking at a lot of cap space in 2011, when Dunleavy, Murphy, and several other players come off the books, so if they do want to make a big free agent splash in 2011, Bibby wouldn't be a good fit. But Bibby is an upgrade for them at the 1; if he only costs them, say, Jeff Foster, then it isn't necessarily an awful deal.

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