Giannis' Debut

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Giannis' Debut

I didn't get a chance to watch the game last night, but I took a look at the box this morning and couldn't help but notice a very productive line across the board...including 5 fouls and 5 turnovers. This kid has some serious potential, but I didn't expect him to drop double digits in his first preseason game.

14 points 4 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals 3 blocks 5 fouls 5 TO's has a lot of good and bad, but does his 14/4/2/2/3 mean he's more ready to play this season or does the 5/5 prove that he's not quite there yet?

I'm mainly curious if anyone watched the game and what they took away from his performance. Obviously I can't comment much just looking at a box, but anyone see the game?

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I saw the game and it was

I saw the game and it was impressive. I just commented in the previous thread, so I'll try not to repeat myself, but Giannis played really well. Most of his TOs were just sloppiness, like a carrying violation, failing to reestablish inbounds, and pushing off. He did look unpolished on defense, but he isn't nearly as far away as he should be given his lack of testing. Some of the fouls could easily have been clean blocks and the others were offensive. Yes, he needs to cut down on the fouls, but he didn't look like he was Hasheem Thabeet fouling out there. He just needs to learn when to pick his spots, but his motor is tremendous. He wanted a chase-down block every fast break the Cavs had.

He showed some nice shooting touch, including knocking down a step-back one-legged fadeaway out of the right block, the way Dirk Nowitzki always does. And he passed the ball really well. He is going to have to get stronger, but I like that he was aggressive and tried to do something with the ball every time he received it. And the Bucks were much better when he was on the court, which has something to do with Kyrie Irving coming off the court, but also due to the fact that Giannis played much better than Caron Butler.

FYI, he scored his points in a lot of different ways. He drew a few fouls in transition, cut to the rim in the half court, knocked down a spot-up three, scored out of the post and was the beneficiary of getting fouled off the ball with his team in the bonus. He clearly has a really good motor and he was really assertive on offense, which I didn't expect, but he still is rather thin and has to improve his balance, as he got pushed around a little down low and got hung up on screens. He did fight to deny in the post, which was good, but his lack of strength was apparent.

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I know I wasn't hopping on

I know I wasn't hopping on the hype train before.... but he may have won me over with his play, and that jersey with a nickname that drips winning,

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Giannis & Nate Wolters get

Giannis & Nate Wolters get their Nickname Jerseys...Image Hosted by

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He is kind of built like KD, here is the highlights from thegame
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This guy looks legit.

This guy looks legit. Hopefully the Bucks don't trade him to the Magic like they did with Tobias Harris for a 2 month rental.

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Bucks fans should be

Bucks fans should be extremely intrigued by that performance...He looked real good in those highlights

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