Gani Lawal

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Gani Lawal

Today's updated mock draft does not have Gani being drafted at all. Has he withdrawn from the draft?

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I wouldn't doubt it. He can

I wouldn't doubt it. He can learn a thing or two from Derrick Favors next year.

lester hudson and john bryant aren't on this one either

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No he hasn't withdrawn yet

No he hasn't withdrawn yet but I guess this website is expecting him to do so.

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He must have got hurt or had horrible workouts

It seems like he would be a lock for at the very least the second round. I really think somebody will take him first unless as i said he fudged up bad in workouts for the simple reason that he is an athletic big with potential in a draft with 3 or 4 of those max.

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Great Prospect

Kwame shouldve been brown with bigger hands....

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Learn a thing or two from

Learn a thing or two from Favors? You have it backwards... and thats a reason why he will leave because of that guy, he's gonna take all the spotlight

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No...i have him at 20...he

No...i have him at 20...he could be a good NBA player, he needs time on the bench to learn

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