Game of the Night; Knicks @ Heat

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Sure... I just want to see

Sure... I just want to see hard nosed competive basketball...

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Bosh isn't a top 15

Bosh isn't a top 15 player.

The 2nd time the Knicks have beaten the Heat. How'd the Knicks do on defense tonight. Also ppl who complain about Mello being a ball hog, why wouldn't u want him to take shots he's one of the top scorers in the league.

I said it before guys like Bill Walker and Shawne Williams are underrated. People keep harping on the Knicks losing Gallo now for some reason, he's a nice player but not a star.

Quincy the Lakers won 2 titles with Gasol and many say he doesn't play much defense.

Derek Fisher how much defense does he play now he gets beat by every PG in the league.

Amare and Mello will learn to play better defense esp. if they want to win a title. You act like Amare plays defense on the block like Antwan Jamison.

Miami is awful at PG, at Center Dampier is old, Joel Anthony does nothing on offense and isn't an elite defender either.

They traded their best young player in Beasley for cap space so they could sign some role players. Turns out they used that money on Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony. How did that turn out for them, all 3 could be backups on other teams. If there is no mid level exception the only way they'll improve the team is by trading Bosh.

An embarrassing loss for Miami, I think you've confused this Knicks team with last seasons. Also most says the Knicks match up well against the Heat.

Now the Knicks have another star to play next to Amare.

Nice to see D'antoni play Bill Walker some minutes finally, how was his defense on Lebron and Wade pretty good considering the competition.

I just wish they kept Mozgov I know he's no Chris Kaman but he gives them some depth and can rebound, block some shots and run the floor. The Knicks wouldn't have needed much offense out of him anyway.

Awful home crowd for Miami, definately much diff. from Cleveland the last few years.

BTW NYCrealdeal I had the poster up in my room back in the day great dunk by Starks and it was clutch too.

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All of that yapping you guys

All of that yapping you guys did. What a funny thread this turned into. The Knicks may be the tram to beat in the East already.

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Wow... Melo's on ball defense

Wow... Melo's on ball defense on LeBron was phenomenal. You can just see that Melo isn't afraid of LeBron... I mean, he literally thinks he's better than LeBron.

Smh @ those people saying he isn't a top ten player and that Durant is better than him. No way. And smh at those people saying the Knicks made a mistake acquiring him for that group of chumps lol.

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Team to beat not sure about

Your right ppl somehow annointed Durant better then Mello and most other top players. He hasn't done anything in the playoffs and he plays with a top PG too. What was that stat ESPN had something like is Durant 2-12 on 3's to win or tie the game the last 2 mins or overtime.

Knicks won despite Fields, Douglas doing nothing too, maybe Fields is tired playing in almost 60 games might've hit the rookie wall.

Team to beat not sure about that without homecourt or a legit Center but they'll def. be competitive against any team though.

Boston and Chicago look like the top 2 teams, another Rondo and Rose playoff series should be fun.

Atlanta has plenty of talent but they never make it past the 2nd round and this year making it to the 2nd round will be even tougher with the East improving. Orlando is hard to guage losingn to the Kings at home but beating the Thunder by 23.

Not going crazy with the Knicks after this win but they face the Magic 3 times rest of the season so that could decide who's the 4th best team in the Conference.

Also the Knicks schedule is favorable the rest of the way.

Orlando 3 times, Boston twice, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and New Orleans are the only tough teams they have left to play. 11 games are against teams under .500. Rest of the game are vs. teams like the Grizz, 76rs, Jazz. Knicks catch a break facing the Grizz twice w/out Gay and Jazz w/out Deron Williams.

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good game, the heat still

good game, the heat still have questions on how to close out games. Lebron and wade are not great 3 point shooters and right now the designated shooters are struggling. But it should be noted for those giving amare and melo credit for the defense on lebron on that last drive where amare blocked it that lebron was fouled by melo and should have been shooting 2 ft's to take the lead.

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People have said Melo can't

People have said Melo can't play D... I've been saying for the longest that Melo can play great D when the competition warrants it. He did it against Kobe in the playoffs, and he ALWAYS plays LeBron hard on both sides of the ball. Isn't Melo up on LeBron head to head?

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He is up on him 10-4 all

He is up on him 10-4 all time. Everyone keeps talking about Melo and Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups was the man who won that game for the Knicks. He hit the go ahead three pointer when Wade sagged off him from way behind the line and he stripped LeBron of the ball for a clutch defensive play. The Knicks will be a dangerous team come playoff time if they can bring it on defense. They already have the offensive firepower that can carry them over the weaker teams in both the East and West, now its teams like this, that can match their output that they got to buckle down against. That was a very proud win for Knicks fans last night, and kudos to Mr. Big Shot himself as he doesn't get enough credit in my opinion.

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People SAY he didn't play

People SAY he didn't play much defense but he did play defense. Thats different then Everyone knowing Amare and Melo not being good defenders.

Melo can play defense he just doesn't. He has shown he can be a good defender before(for one play off series). Amare has never shown he can be a good defender for an entire game, just spurts. And i think Melo is up on lebron head to head as far as whens but not as far as one on one match ups.

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