Free agents from Europe

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Free agents from Europe

Every summer there are players in Europe, maybe drafted a couple of seasons before, ready to prove themselves in the NBA. There was a time when NBA teams took teenagers playing in Europe with not much success: I still remember guys Milicic, Tskitishvilli, Andriuskevicius, Sene, Eyenga, Lampe, Korolev. Now the new way seems to be trying to take these guys, wait a couple of seasons, maybe more, and then maybe bringing them over. Also, it seems like players not drafted can have a fair chance too, even if they're on their late 20s, even 30s.

Since I'm from Italy and I cannot follow much other European tournaments, I'd like to ask you who are the players likely to go to the NBA next season. Personally I heard about Da Tome (here in Italy they say there are NBA teams willing to take him, I don't know if it's true) , Papanikolaou, Bogdanovic, Mirotic, Bjelica. From what I heard and saw, I think that Papanikolaou and Mirotic are NBA material right now. I couldn't tell about other players, I'm sure you guys know more about that, and since there are guys from many nations following this site, maybe they could tell us what they're hearing about it.

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Watching Bogdan Bogdanovic last season, and in certain games in the WC, he looked NBA ready.

A guy like Ante Tomic would also thrive. He is a 7'2" centre who can play. Only problem is he is already 27 yrs old.

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